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Bed Bug Lawyer – Landlord Responsibility for Bed Bugs

who is responsible for bed bugs - Landlord Responsibility for Bed Bugs Chinches are a tiny insect that can wreak havoc to homeowners, tenants, and landlords. They can cause significant property damage, as well as bodily injury that can ruin you personally and financially. Bed bugs do not discriminate: they can infest any home in any zip code; attach themselves to the bed of any neighborhood, and drink the blood of any person. Many people in the U.S. rent their home and depend on their landlord to upkeep the property and to ensure that things are fixed if they do not function properly. Because bed bugs can be highly contagious, they need to be eradicated as soon as possible. They require professional exterminators, and even then, they are resilient little creatures. If even just one remains, it will be able to repopulate your apartment in no time at all. That is why you need a professional exterminator to eradicate them from your apartment. But what happens after the infestation? What happens after you’ve been bit and your property’s been destroyed? You have medical bills to pay and things to replace. It has the potential to be incredibly costly. What now? According to California landlord law, landlords must maintain their property safe for all of their tenants. Bed bugs are certainly not safe critters to have in your home and so if your apartment has or had bed bugs, your landlord may be liable. If your landlord is liable, you can file a lawsuit against them to recover compensation for your damages. Proving your case against a landlord will be difficult. You need to prove that your landlord acted negligently, meaning they did not act to remove the bed bugs knowing of the infestation. You must build a good case, and to help with that our experienced bed bug attorneys are there for you.

Facts About Bed Bugs

Bed bugs may look like any other insect at first glance, but they are distinct. Knowing what to look for in a bed bug may help you detect them when they are present, or rule them out. Bed bugs come in many different species but they all have similar characteristics. The most common bed bug, the common bed bug, has six legs, a flat body, and average ¼ of an inch in length. Their color can vary from brown to red to copper. Juvenile bed bugs are much smaller – 1/16 of an inch in length – and are nearly transparent.

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Bed bugs feed on blood, their body swells with the plasma and turn bright red. They do not have wings and cannot, thus, fly. They are transported by contact. People to people, people to things, things to people. They tend to stay hidden and are difficult to find unless you know where to look. Their life cycle lasts up to 10 months. Female bed bugs lay up to five eggs every single day, and their hatchlings grow into adulthood in 21 days. Bed bugs can survive for months without a single meal.

Bed bugs usually eat, and bite, and night. Most people who are bitten in their sleep do not realize they were bitten. A person’s reaction to a bed bug bite, like any insect bite, depends entirely on their immune system’s response. Red welts may form and may be incredibly painful. It is completely possible you may need to visit a medical center to receive treatment for the bed bug bites.

Bed Bug Bite Compensation and Recovery

With the right legal team, you could recover compensation for all the damages you faced as a result of your landlord’s negligence and the nasty bed bug bites. Due to antiquated and regressive laws regarding medical treatment, medical bills in the United States are the highest among any developed country. That means that a simple visit to the doctor’s office will be significantly expensive. Our attorneys can help you recover the following damages:

Facturas médicas: Treatment for bed bug bites can be extensive, and, as a result, expensive. Our legal team will help you recover all of your medical expenses so that you don’t have to suffer the repercussions of thousands of dollars in medical treatment.

Salarios perdidos: If your bed bug bites were severe enough, you may not be able to work for an extended period of time. If you are unable to work, you don’t get paid. That means you will not be able to pay off your bills, debts, rent, mortgage, and other things you depend on for life. If you have a family that depends on you, these lost earnings can be big.

Daños materiales: Any mattress, sofa, or articles of clothing that have been infected by bed bugs has to be destroyed, and are typically incinerated. This could cost you thousands of dollars. Our legal team will be able to build the appropriate case and get you the compensation for your lost items.

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California Bed Bug Laws

Liability for bed bugs is difficult to pin down. Bed bugs can come from anywhere and it’s not always going to be the landlord’s fault. If you went on vacation and brought back bed bugs in your suitcase, it’s hardly the landlord’s fault you went on vacation and brought an infection to their property. In order to find the landlord liable, you must first discover the source of the bed bugs. Typically, professional exterminators are able to determine the origin of the outbreak – bed bugs like to remain hidden and only move then absolutely necessary. If it turns out that the landlord knew, or should have reasonably known, about the infestation, they will be liable. However, if they were unaware and did everything they had to to know about an infestation but it was out of their power to find, it will be harder to prove liability. For example, you find bed bugs in your apartment just after you moved in, and you suffer major bed bug bites and your sofa and mattress have been infected. Your landlord should have known about the infestation before they leased their unit to you, and they will likely be held liable for your damages. If you landlord did not know about the infestation, it will be harder. This is where an experienced Los Angeles bed bug lawyer can come in to help. They will take the circumstances and apply them to the laws that exist to protect tenants and landlords from the spread of bed bugs. Below are several laws that pertain to landlords and their responsibilities/duties to tenants regarding the little critters. Our bed bug lawyers will apply their knowledge of the law to create an excellent case and get you the compensation you deserve for your severe injuries and property damage. Civil Code §1942.5: When a tenant discovers a bed bug infestation and gives notice to the landlord, this law prohibits the landlord from retaliating against the tenant. This means, that if the tenant so much as complains about the bed bug infestation to the landlord, the landlord may not evict the tenant for any reason – even if that reason is nonpayment of rent. The landlord must then fully clear the matter. Civil Code §1954.602: Landlords are not legally allowed to show, rent, or lease a unit that the landlord knows there’s bed bugs. Land lords are not required to inspect for bed bugs, but if there turns out to be an infestation, the law considers the landlord to have knowledge of the infestation. Código Civil §1954.603: Los propietarios están obligados por ley a notificar a todos los inquilinos una infestación de chinches de la cama. Si descubre chinches y su casero lo sabía, es probable que se le considere responsable.

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Leyes exigidas a los propietarios para el tratamiento de chinches de cama

Nuestro experimentado grupo de abogados tiene años y años de experiencia llevando casos de chinches y responsabilizando a los propietarios por su negligencia. Ofrecemos multitud de promociones que esperamos que nuestros clientes aprovechen al máximo para hacer el proceso legal un poco más llevadero. Ofrecemos consultas legales gratuitas, la garantía de cero honorarios y segundas opiniones gratuitas. Ofrecemos estos a nuestros clientes porque queremos que sepan que siempre estamos de su lado y aquí para ellos en primer lugar. Queremos que nuestros clientes se centran en su recuperación, y dejar los aspectos jurídicos y las negociaciones para nosotros. De esta manera, nuestro cliente se recuperará lo mejor que pueda. ¿Qué ofrecen nuestras promociones? Te lo explicamos a continuación. Consulta jurídica gratuita - Esta consulta gratuita le da la oportunidad de hablar con uno de nuestros abogados con experiencia en chinches sin ninguna obligación o ataduras. Nuestros abogados escucharán lo que tiene que decir y revisarán los hechos de su caso. A continuación, le dará su opinión profesional con respecto a su caso. En otras palabras, le darán una idea de lo que vale su caso, si es que vale algo. No cobramos a nuestros clientes por la consulta gratuita porque entendemos que los asuntos legales pueden ser confusos y queremos que nuestros clientes estén lo más informados posible antes de que acepten contratar a un abogado. Garantía de cero comisiones - La garantía de cero honorarios es nuestra promesa a todos nuestros clientes de que no le cobraremos ningún honorario legal a lo largo de su caso hasta que se resuelva. Entendemos que estar involucrado en un caso y esperar a recibir el pago por sus daños puede ser muy estresante. Lo último que usted necesita es que sus abogados lo acosen por honorarios mientras usted espera que ellos resuelvan su caso. No queremos aumentar sus niveles de estrés; sólo queremos ayudar. Por eso sólo cobramos a nuestros clientes una vez que todo está dicho y hecho. Además, sólo cobramos a los clientes si somos capaces de ganar su caso y obtener la compensación que se merece. Si no somos capaces de probar su caso, no le cobraremos por nuestros servicios legales - ¿por qué debería usted pagar cuando no hicimos nuestro trabajo? No nos parece ético, y si nosotros, como abogados, no tenemos ética, cómo podemos pretender tener respeto por la ley. Segunda opinión gratuita - Cuando un médico le diagnostica una enfermedad, lo normal es pedir una segunda opinión a otro médico para confirmar el diagnóstico inicial. El riesgo de error es demasiado grande. Lo mismo ocurre cuando acude a un abogado y éste le da una primera opinión sobre el valor de su demanda. Por desgracia, no todos los abogados tienen un gran sentido de la ética. Muchos abogados están en este negocio no para defender la justicia y la ley, sino para enriquecerse rápidamente. Nuestros abogados están aquí por la justicia; es uno de nuestros valores fundamentales. Queremos ofrecerle una segunda opinión gratuita. Si cree que su abogado tiene una moral débil, póngase en contacto con nuestro bufete. Le daremos un verdadero análisis de su caso. No espere, póngase en contacto con nuestro bufete de abogados en (855) 339-8879 hoy.


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