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Accidentes de tráfico

The roads in San Diego can be difficult to navigate at times, when there are too many people on the road at rush hour timeframes. The traffic in San Diego is a ripe area for car accidents of all kinds. Cars are having more and more accidents on the roads in this area, because the drivers are careless and not paying attention on the roads. Car accidents can result from:

  • Falta de atención del conductor
  • Driver under the influence
  • Exceso de velocidad del conductor
  • Driver texting
  • Driver eating behind the wheel

Unfortunately, inattentive drivers and road rage drivers cause people to have serious injuries when in a car crash with these types of drivers. The types of injuries that you could have after a car crash could include:

  • Contusiones y hematomas
  • Head traumas
  • Dolor de cuello
  • Leg pains and spasms
  • Back trauma and fusions
  • Huesos rotos
  • Tensiones musculares

When you have an injury from an accident and you are angry about it, you need to call us right away. We have Arab and Arabic Speaking Lawyers in San Diego who can talk to you easily about your car accident. We are sensitive to your needs at all times, and we can manage your lawsuit to a successful conclusion.

Serious Accidents Can Occur in Collision with a Truck

If you have been in an accident with a truck, the truck has many advantages over you. The tonnage and weight of a truck alone make it a force to be reckoned with on the roads. A truck is several tons heavier than a car; this makes a truck several times more dangerous than a car when it gets into an accident. Trucks need to be driven by careful and attentive drivers, period. If the driver of truck is not careful, there will be serious accidents to follow. Truck drivers get into accidents because of:

  • Driver inattention to the road conditions
  • Driver under the influence
  • Driver being sleepy behind the wheel
  • Exceso de velocidad del conductor
  • Driver not driving for the weather conditions
  • Driver not slowing down in a work zone
  • Driver illegally passing other vehicles on the road
  • Driver texting or not paying attention to traffic stopping or slowing

If you have been in a car accident, you need to call our Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego. We know how you feel, and can talk to you in plain language about your case. We will go after the truck accident wrongdoer, and get you the money that you deserve in this case.

Motorcycle Accidents Can Happen Easily with Driver Inattention

Motorcycle accidents are common on the roads today. Often the motorcycle is in traffic with cars, trucks and busses, and is not seen when making a turn. This is actually not a good enough reason for a car, truck or any vehicle to have an accident with a motorcyclist. All vehicles on the road need to keep a safe and clear distance away from all other vehicles. This includes motorcycles. If you have been in an accident with a car, truck or any other vehicle, you need to give us a call.

All vehicles on the roads need to keep a safe distance from a motorcycle. The motorcycles have the same rights to be on the roads as cars. Car and truck drivers are responsible when they cause injuries to a motorcyclist who has fallen on account of a crash with a car. Accidents with motorcyclists can result in serious injuries, total losses and damages. If you have been the victim of a motorcycle who has been hit by a car or truck, give us a call. We will discuss your case with you, and get you the money that you deserve now.

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Have You Been in an Uber or Lyft Accident? These Accidents Are on the Rise!

Uber and Lyft are companies that work like taxi’s and take passengers from one place to the next in their personal vehicles. These drivers may not have been properly trained to be on the roads, and they may be unsafe drivers for that reason. If an Uber or Lyft driver is not familiar with the area where he or she is driving, it will be difficult to find the location of the destination that is being driven to for the ride. If you have been injured by an Uber or Lyft rideshare, just call the Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego. We are here for you and can talk to you in a language that you understand.

Trip, Slip and Fall Accidents Can Cause Serious Personal Injuries

If you have been involved in a slip and fall accident, we are here to discuss that case with you. If you were walking inside or outside and fell down because of uneven flooring or pavement, you need to give us a call. You may have tripped, slipped or fallen in a business because of the following conditions:

  • Poor drainage and wet floors
  • Careless employees who kept slippery conditions at an eatery
  • Contaminants littered on the ground or indoor floor
  • Loose flooring or trips on loose carpets
  • Chipped concrete walkways
  • Inadequate lighting on walkways
  • Loose handrails on stairs
  • Obstacles and chips on stair treads

If this has happened to you, you may have incurred a serious injury such as broken bones, a sprained ankle or a soft tissue injury. You need to call us to discuss this type of case, as the insurance company will be calling you to settle it quickly – a little too quickly. They will work to settle this type of personal injury claim with you, as it suits them to their own advantage. We do not want you to get cheated out of the money that you deserve, in this type of case.

Just call us now, we will put you right at ease. We are the Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego, and we can talk to you in a clear language that makes you feel comfortable discussing these types of cases.

Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego attorney compensation personal injury sue
What Is a General Injury Accident?

If someone who owns a building or a business has made a hazardous condition at the premises, people coming into that area will eventually get hurt. These types of injuries that include the public, employees, guests or anyone injured on the premises may be considered a general injury accident. These injuries can include:

  • Personal injuries
  • Dolor y sufrimiento
  • Lowered quality of life

People who own buildings and companies are responsible for any slippery or uneven surfaces at the buildings they own. If you are hurt any other way at a place someone else owns, you are in the right to bring a legal action if you are injured. You are not at all expected to suffer your personal injuries in silence. Just give us a call, we are here to talk to you about these cases today.

Medical Mistakes by Healthcare Professionals

It is the case every year that many people of all walks of life, actually die at the hands of the doctors meant to save them. Medical mistakes are made for a number of reasons, all of them not your fault. You can be injured by a medical mistake if the doctor gives you a:

  • Diagnóstico erróneo
  • Wrong tablet given
  • Wrong dosage given
  • Wrong patient given medication
  • Drug interaction
  • Multiple wrong dosage given
  • Intravenous solution wrong
  • Intern gave patient wrong medication
  • Practicing physician made medical error

If you have been the victim of a medical error, just call us today. We will be able to talk to you and get you on the right track to recovery. We have attorneys at our law firm who speak Arabic. They are ready to talk to you and discuss your case with you today.

John Rafael
John Rofael is an Effective Charismatic Lawyer Who Speaks Arabic

Mr. Rofael graduated from Loyola Marymount University for his undergraduate degree, and then went on to graduate from the Western State University College of Law. He has many years of experience as a trial lawyer against large corporations in the United States, and against big insurance companies. Mr. Rofael has successfully tried over 20 cases to recover millions of dollars in recovery compensation for his clients. He is highly respected by insurance lawyers, and is comfortable representing his clients in court and mediation meetings to get full settlements on those cases. His professional associations include:

  • Todos los tribunales superiores de California
  • Todos los tribunales de apelación de California
  • Todos los tribunales de distrito de EE.UU. en California
  • Tribunal Supremo de California

Mr. Rofael has successfully recovered high settlement awards for his clients, namely:

  • Defective Product Case – $1,700,000
  • Verdict at Trial vs. MTA – $350,000
  • Auto Accident – $950,000
  • Auto Accident – $815,000
  • Rideshare Accident – $500,000

When Mr. Rofael is not at work, he enjoys spending time giving back to his community and volunteering to mentor other lawyers in various fields. If you would like to speak directly to Mr. Rofael, you can call him at directly at (213) 232-3871 Ext #247, or send an email to

Patrick Khalil
Patrick Khalil is a Forceful Lawyer who Speaks Arabic

Mr. Khalil is a dynamic lawyer working tirelessly to defend his clients against immense insurance companies. He is fluent in English, Arabic and French languages. He has been in legal practice over 10 years, and enjoys building a bond with his clients. He has successfully won:

  • Accidente de tráfico - $701,000

El Sr. Khalil es licenciado en Ciencias Económicas por la Universidad de California Berkeley y Doctor en Derecho por la Facultad de Derecho de Loyola. Sus amplias áreas de práctica incluyen:

  • Daños corporales
  • Accidentes de Uber / Lyft
  • Lesiones catastróficas
  • Quemaduras graves
  • Accidentes de tráfico
  • Tropiezos y caídas
  • Responsabilidad civil
  • Agresión y lesiones

Si usted tiene alguna pregunta con respecto a su caso y quiere hablar con el Sr. Khalil, se puede llegar a él en (818) 269-8170, o por correo electrónico a:

Soft Tissue Injuries Can Take Weeks to Heal Properly

Sometimes soft tissue injuries take a longer time to heal. This is because we have to use our bodies while the healing is taking place. For example, if you have an injury to your back or spine, you will take a long time to heal as you have to use your spine to walk on a daily basis. It is not reasonable that you not walk, not go to work, not make meals for yourself and your family, but that is exactly what has to happen when you injure your back. You need to be reimbursed for the lost wages, lost time taking care of the family and lost interest in life, that can come with this type of injury. When you are looking for the best outcome, call a lawyer who cares. You need to give us a call right away to discuss your injuries and damages with attorneys who handle these cases every day.

The attorney who you choose for your case should be an expert. You would not benefit from working with an attorney who has never worked with big companies before. Our law firm has the benefit of having Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego, and we are here to take your call right now. Beginning a lawsuit is appropriate in this type of case, and you need to hire a lawyer with experience in settling these types of cases.

Garantía de cero comisiones

We will always offer you our zero-fee guarantee. Your best chance to win is to work with a lawyer with specialty in large insurance company cases. When you give us a call, you can work with Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego. We are here for you, and are ready to get you the money that you need to heal from this type of injury.

Segunda opinión gratuita

We offer a free second opinion on your personal injury case. Our attorneys are available, they are knowledgeable and specialize in personal injuries, and are ready to talk to you today, to discuss your case.

Can I Sue for Personal Injuries?

Yes, we can sue for this type of loss, and you should have an experienced attorney in Los Angeles on your side today. We are here for you, and our Los Angeles case lawyers can file a lawsuit for the recovery of the compensation package that you need to recover fully for these types of losses. Just give us a call, and our case attorneys in Los Angeles can sue on your behalf.

Call for a Free Consultation Today

When you have been injured and have experienced personal injuries, just give us a call. We have Arab (Arabic) Speaking Lawyers in San Diego, who are ready to talk to you right now. Just give us a call at (855) 339-8879, we are here to help you take the next step towards a full recovery for your personal injuries.

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