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¿Qué debo hacer si me muerde un perro mientras trabajo?

Being bit by a dog while working can be very upsetting, painful, and confusing. You have many questions and are unsure whom to turn to for reliable answers and help get the care you need without losing your job. The team at DTLA Law Group is here 24/7 to answer any time-sensitive questions and offer a completely free consultation to discuss your case in detail.

You will speak to an expert dog bite injury lawyer to learn more about your rights as a dog bite injury victim. In addition, DTLA Law Group has talented worker’s comp lawyers to help you understand how this insurance program can provide the money to pay for your medical bills and part of your lost wages when you are injured at work. All the information and guidance we provide are free and will ensure that you make wise decisions about moving forward after a dog bite injury at work.

But the first priority is always seeking a medical examination of the dog bit. Your health is at risk due to the germs and bacteria in a dog’s mouth. And until to have the wound cleaned and possibly begin taking antibiotics, you could face many more medical complications, even from what looks like a minor dog bite. So don’t hesitate to get in touch with the DTLA Law Group office as soon as you have gotten the medical attention you need to treat your workplace dog bite injury. Our staff is here 24/7 and waiting to provide the help you need to handle this urgent legal matter.

Don’t Risk A Life-Threatening Illness

Everyone has heard the common myth that a dog’s mouth is cleaner than a human’s. It is not valid, but note that you could have safety concerns even when bitten by a human, so always have a bite checked out by a medical professional. Dog bites are so scary because there are several very hazardous bacteria in their mouths. Even a tiny puncture wound that barely breaks the skin will allow these bacteria and germs to enter your body and create a life-threatening infection that could include rabies, staph, strep, or cellulitis. The time you invest in a doctor’s visit could save you from a painful blood or bone infection and the need for surgery.

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Sorting Out Who Is Responsible For Your Workplace Dog Bite Injuries

In California, dog bite legal matters are often easy to figure out because it is a strict liability state. In most cases, the dog owner is responsible for any damage caused by the dog. However, the case gets more complex because you were at work when bit by a dog. The experts at DTLA Law Group will need to know who owns the dog, your complete job description, and possibly other details to help you understand who is financially responsible for your injuries and losses. But rest assured, our staff has the expertise and dedication needed to sort out your case and get you the compensation you deserve.

Some Possible Scenarios

The case is relatively straightforward if your employer owns the dog that bit you. You can file a worker’s compensation claim to recover the cost of your medical bills and partial lost wages. However, you cannot sue your employer for additional money unless gross negligence is involved. An example of gross negligence would include having a dog on the premises known to be aggressive or have a history of biting. The experts at DTLA Law Group will provide more information regarding gross negligence if it applies to your case.

In addition, if part of your job description includes caring for dogs, such as feeding or walking them or as a pet sitter, the case will be more challenging. For example, in a situation where you are paid to care for a dog, there is an assumed risk of being bit by the dog. Therefore, the veterinarian’s rule could apply and mean that you do not qualify for compensation. However, there are exceptions to this rule if the owner did not explain that the dog was aggressive or has bitten before.

Finally, there is a possibility that you could file two claims, which is more involved but gets you the total compensation you deserve. In these cases, you are eligible for a worker’s comp claim to cover the medical expenses and part of your lost wages. And you also have the right to sue the dog owner for additional losses and compensation. The DTLA Law Group staff will help you understand how these two claims can be filed for the same workplace dog bite injury to ensure you are not left with unpaid bills and expenses because of an injury you suffered at work.

Knowing The Time Limit To File A Claim Or Claims

All dog bite injury victims must understand that there are time limits to filing any compensation claim. In the case of a claim for worker’s comp, the time limit is relatively short at just 30 days. So it is essential to notify your employer of the injury as soon as possible. Even if you think the dog bite is minor and requires no treatment, report the incident. Because, in many cases, you will suffer an infection and require medical care in a few days to a week.

When filing a personal injury case with a court in California, you must file within two years of the date of the incident. So you have much more time to file your dog bite claim against the dog owner. But it is still crucial to speak to the DTLA Law Group dog bite experts as soon as possible. It takes time to compile the information needed to make a legal claim. And there is no way to know how long it will take to complete the lawsuit. So you could be waiting months or longer to get your settlement.

Working with legal experts as soon as possible is the best way to get the money you are owed as quickly as possible. Having unpaid medical bills and other debt will only add to your stress level as you try to focus on healing and moving past the trauma of your dog bite injury.

How Much Is A Dog Bite St Work Settlement Worth?

The good news is that your settlement is based on your expenses. So you should be reimbursed for all the money you have spent on your care and the losses you suffered due to the dog bite injuries. The staff at DTLA Law Group will work with you to compile all of the expenses that can be applied to the settlement amount, including:

  • Your lost wages if you were unable to work while recovering from your injuries
  • Any lost wages from work missed attending medical appointments, treatment, rehabilitation, or evaluations
  • The total of your current medical bills related to the dog bite injuries
  • An estimated amount for any future medical care required for the dog bite injuries
  • The amount of your legal fees for the lawsuit and legal representation
  • There is also the potential to add an amount to compensate for your pain and suffering due to the dog bite injuries

Our experts have decades of combined experience helping clients gather the documentation needed to support their request for full compensation for all their losses. And we will work tirelessly to help you get the most robust compensation possible for the injuries you have endured.

How Much Does DTLA Law Group Charge For My Lawsuit?

The staff at DTLA Law Group works at an hourly rate based on the time we devote to your case. However, the firm has a strict policy of never asking for any upfront fees from our clients. We understand that you could face significant financial hardships if you are unable to work after your dog bite injuries. And with medical bills and other expenses piling up, you will feel overwhelmed. We never want to add to your stress with legal bills.

Instead, we work for you with no out of pocket expenses to secure the money you need to pay your bills and living expenses while you heal and move forward from this challenging situation. We only get paid for our work after we have reached a verdict or settlement for your injuries and losses. In addition, we pledge that you owe us nothing if we do not get you a settlement or verdict. If we lose, we work for free.

So don’t hesitate to get in touch with DTLA Law Group today to learn more about your rights as the victim of a dog bite at work. The consultation is free, and our services are free until we win your case. Even if you are working with another law firm that might not be entirely focused on your case, we offer a free second opinion consultation to answer your questions. Our goal is always to ensure that any injury victim has the information and confidence to make wise choices for their immediate needs and financial future.


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