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Pasadena Considers Banning Pit Bulls After 4 Year Old Severely Bitten

Pasadena Considers Banning Pit Bulls After 4 Year Old Severely Bitten A four year old girl was brutally attacked and bitten by a Pit Bull in San Diego California. According to officials the girl named Hailey Nunez has spent more than a week in the hospital recovering from the serious dog bite wounds to the face and body inflicted on her by a 65 pound pit bull. For some time know there has been ample evidence and numerous studies which have shown the dangers poses by pit bulls. More than any other knows breed of dog pit bull exhibit vicious instincts towards human beings. According to the American Society of the Prevention of Cruelty to animals, pit bull were considered to be docile creatures, however over the past few decades their reputation for savagery has increased because of breeding  methods have been used to increase the breed killer instincts. Many dog breeder sell the most vicious pit bulls to dog owners who use their dog in underground dog fight competitions across the country. The more docile dog are sold off to unsuspecting customers who are not privy to the breeding requirements set by dog breeders.

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Many municipalities and cities have mulled over ordinances to ban pit bulls all together from their streets. Recently the Pasadena California city council has attempted to put to vote a ban on all dangerous breeds of dogs foremost being the pit bull.  Pasadena council member Steve Madison has been a keen advocate for instituting a city wide ban on pit bulls in Pasadena stating, “Time after time, a pit bull chews a kid to death somewhere, and I’m not going to let that happen in Pasadena.” If you have any comments on the issue of Banning Pit Bull’s in your city comment below.
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