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Do male dogs attack and bite more that female dogs

Do male dogs attack and bite more that female dogs Are male dogs more dangerous than female dogs? Dog bites and animal attack or one of the work personal injury issues we face in our law firm. The reason for this is dog’s have a prevalence of attacking children and such attack have the propensity to cause serious lifelong injuries and child fatalities. According to multiple studies as well as anecdotal evidence male dogs tend to be more dangerous and cause a much higher percentage of dog bite incidents than female dogs. Male dogs exhibit more of an aggressive behavior particularly against children. Un-neutered male dogs have a much higher probability of inflicting dog bites against individuals then male dogs which have gone through the procedure. The Male hormone testosterone is responsible for a dogs aggressive behavior. Thus reducing the level of testosterone via castration or having a female dog greatly reduces the chances of dog attacks. If you have a male dog and want to reduce the chances of a dog bite or dog attack incident it is advised to neuter your animal. For further information on dog bite injury lawsuit contact our Attorneys.

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