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Can I Sue for Being Knocked Over by a Dog – Injury Lawsuit Information

Can I Sue for Being Knocked Over by a Dog – Injury Lawsuit Information Our law firm has helped many individual who have suffered dog bites and dog attacks receive monetary compensation for the injuries they have suffered. In some instances victims of dog attacks are not bitten but still suffer injuries from being knocked over by the animals jumping on them. Victims are able to receive compensation form the owners of dogs who jump on them without any consent whatsoever. California Law: California follows the one bite rule which is basically is quasi Strict Liability on a dog owner who’s pet has caused harm to an unsuspecting individual. Under these circumstances a plaintiff (injure party) will have to show previous dangerous propensity of the dog. Questions that will have to be asked is whether the dog has previously exhibited potentially dangerous behavior with a high propensity toward causing significant harm to the individual.

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Can I Sue for Being Knocked Over by a Dog - Injury Lawsuit Information Common Injuries Resulting From Being Knocked Dows By a Dog: Some of the most common injuries sustained by our clients who have been attacked and knocked over by dogs or other domesticated animals are as follows.
  • Back injuries
  • Facial injuries including broken noses and facial fractures
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Nerve damage
  • Mental trauma

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Compensation Available for Victim of Dog Attacks

ndividuals who have suffered harm due to the negligent of harmful actions of others are entitled to compensation for all damages suffered including the following
  • All medical bills including hospitalization costs and costs of future medical and rehabilitation care.
  • All economic damages – this can include lost wages and loss of future income/
  • All non economic damage compensation – mental trauma, pain and suffering and mental anguish including PTSD, anxiety disorders and depression caused by the incident which took place.
Attorney Consultation: If you have any further questions regarding the filing of a lawsuit against owners of dogs who have caused injuries to innocent individuals feel free to contact our law offices tolls free. All legal consultations are provided by our attorneys free of charge.

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Further Infomation: Pain and Suffering Attack for Dog Bites One Bite Rule – California Dog Bite Laws Statute of Limitations for Dog Bites    

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