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63 Year Old Atelope Valley Female Attacked, Killed by Pit Bulls

63 Year Old Atelope Valley Female Attacked, Killed by Pit Bulls A 63-year-old female Antelope Valley resident died Thursday morning after she was attacked by a group of pit bulls.  Local police were called in at around 9:30 am on Thursday, May 9, 2013 after witnesses reported an attack on Avenue S between 110th Street East and 113th Street East. One Onlooker attempted to divert the attention of the dogs by honking her vehicles horns.  The witness stated that 4 pit bulls were involved in the attack.  By the time police arrived, only one dog was left, which then began attacking the police officer.  The deputy indicated that he unsuccessfully attempted to shoot at the dog before it got away. The victim has not yet been identified, but  reports indicate that she was taking a morning jog before she was mauled.  She was transported to a nearby hospital, where she died while on the way in the ambulance. Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department are continuing the search for the four dogs, going as far as offering a $25,000 for information leading to the capture of the killer pit bulls.  The County Department of Animal Care and Control is leading the search for the dogs.  There is still no word on who the owner of the pit bulls are.

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