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Touch Point Baseboard Convection Heater Recalled for Defect

Touch Point Baseboard Convection Heater Recalled for Defect Meijer, a popular retail store, has recalled the Touch Point Portable Baseboard Convection Heaters for possible overheating and fire hazards. These products were recalled for possible overheating which can cause fires, resulting in personal injury and property damage. If you have been injured read the following article to better understand your rights.

What makes the Touch Point Baseboard Convection Heater Defective?

Products can be defective for a number of reasons. It can be either a design defect, manufacturing defect or failure to warn issues. Each are significant in evaluating whether a product is in fact defective and the mechanism which makes it defective. Design and manufacturing defects refer to issues at the ground level of the product. When the prototype used was defective it can result in injuries or dangers. Other defects include failure to warn issues. When the manufacturer fails to warn of a potential defect, or if the device fails the consumer expectation standard test it will be considered a defective design. With regards to the Touch Point convection heaters the defect appears to be in the heating component of the device. Apparently this device is known to overheat, which can cause a fire. In such cases these fires can start at night or when the occupants of the home are asleep. This can result in serious injuries if the fire is not immediately put out to avoid immediate spreading. According to reports the recalled models is the BBC-1500 date code 0611 “Touch Point” model which has been recalled.

Steps to Take if You Were Injured by a Touch Point Baseboard Convection Heater

If you were injured there are some important steps you should take.
  1. First, make sure you seek immediate medical attention. Burns can be extremely painful and will require proper medical attention to treat. Do not ignore signs of pain and make sure you see a doctor immediately for your injuries.
  2.  Second, do not return or tamper with the product which caused the injury. Never return or attempt to return the item which is responsible for the injury. This is considered a valuable element of your claim. Often times we will have an expert evaluate the product to determine the mechanism that caused the defect. Even though a product has been recalled, it is still necessary to have it inspected in order to identify the root cause of the issue.
  3. Third, contact a personal injury product liability lawyer to discuss your rights. Never speak to the insurance company until speaking with your lawyer. Keep in mind that your conversation with insurance companies are often times recorded and can be used against you. If you were injured get assistance for your injuries. 

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