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Striant Lawsuit Attorney -Testosterone Heart Attack Class Action Claim

Striant Lawsuit  Attorney -Testosterone Heart Attack Class Action Claim The last decade has witnessed a dramatic rise males who have been prescribed medications for the treatment of low testosterone. Unfortunately the use of the vast majority of testosterone treatment drugs that have been released into the marketplace can significantly  increase the risk of cardiac health complications amongst users. Types of harms linked to the use of testosterone gels, injections, patches, and deodorants include, heart attacks, blood clots, pulmonary embolism, deep vein thrombosis, and death. Our law firm is currently investigating potential class action and or single party claims against the manufacturers of Straint. If you or a loved one have suffered from heart attacks, stroke, blood clots or pulmonary embolism due while taking the testosterone medication contact our law offices.

FDA Warning and Investigation Into the Use of Striant

The medication is designed to adhere to the gum and inner cheek of the user where controlled and sustained levels of testosterone are released. Recently new studies have raised concerns over the development of cardiac health effects resulting from the use of testosterone increasing medications. In response to these studies the Food and Drug Administration has released several Drug Safety Communications. On January 2014 the FDA issues a Drug Safety Communication regarding Testosterone Products where it states that the agency is, ” investigating the risk of stroke, heart attack, and death in men taking FDA-approved testosterone products.”  More so the agency states that it is, ” providing this alert while it continues to evaluate the information from these studies and other available data.”

Defective Product Lawsuit Against Striant – Wining Your Case in the Court of Law

Product liability lawsuits are usually based on showing the presence of a defect due to faulty conditions during (1) The research and design phase of the drug, (2) The manufacturing phase of the drug or (3) A Defect in labeling; failure to announce all known and or knowable defects associated with the use of the product, (4) False advertising of a product and or off-label marketing to doctors and medical facilities. A key aspect of lawsuits against drug manufacturers over the past decade is their marketing campaigns with the purported purpose of encouraging individual to ask for the medication form their doctors. Testosterone drug advertising campaigns have been successful in creating the false belief that a large number of males in the United States are suffering low testosterone and thus need to be prescribed such medications. Average Settlement for Low T Medication Lawsuits – Compensation You May Be Entitled Too: Perhaps the most common question asked by our clients revolves around the monetary amount of compensation they can receive following a settlement of their case. The level of compensation is predicated on several factors specific to each case. A list of important factors in determining the value of a Striant testosterone medication case include…
  • Severity of the harm suffered
  • Medical and hospitalization costs
  • Future medical and rehabilitation care
  • Lost revenue, wages and loss of future income
  • Non-economic damages including pain and suffering
Cost of Hiring an Attorney – Legal Representation: Legal representation can be a costly endeavor for individual who have suffered harm, as well as family members of loved one who have perished as a result of the use of a defective unsafe prescription drug. In those circumstances our legal system allows for the establishments of a contingency base legal representation. Contingency fees basis means that individual claimants do not have to pay out of pocket for any legal fees associated with their case. Legal fees dispersed to the law firm representing an individual only when there is a financially successful resolution of their case. Under these type of agreements the law firm representing the victim assumes all the risk; if there is no recovery then there are no fees.  Visit this page to learn more about our no recovery zero fee guarantee. Free and Complete Legal Consultation Available: Our attorneys offer confidential and completely free legal consultations to all clients who have suffered serious injuries due to use of unsafe drugs. Legal consultations involve a thorough case analysis  where a determination will be made as to the viability of a case and the most optimum course of action so that the harmed individual is able to receive the maximum amount compensation. Further Information: Filing Deadline – Statute of Limitations for Low T Medication Lawsuits  

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