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Harley Davidson Motorcycle Defect Attorney | Brake Malfunction Lawsuit

Harley Davidson Motorcycle Defect Attorney | Brake Malfunction Lawsuit Harley Davidson is an iconic American brand. Recently this company released a recall for a potentially dangerous defect which exist with its model Harley Davidson VRSCDX bikes. According to reports from the manufacturer these bikes could have defective rear brakes which can increase the risk of accidents. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recently announced that the products were defective under campaign number 12v503000 due to a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are those that occur at the time of assembly or manufacturing. They are not applicable to every single model. Additionally the reports indicate that the assembly flaw would cause the brake line to detach while in motion. As a result of this defect the brake line can cause connect with the rear tire on the bike and ultimately hamper performance. This can cause serious accident particularly at higher speeds. If the condition remains unchecked riders and other motorist can be at fault for injuries. It is advisable that you have an authorized service center inspect and correct the problem before injuries result. It is our experience that many injured parties or their loved ones are unaware that they have rights. We advise any party injured in such a lawsuit to consider contacting an attorney. Our office will usually dispatch a qualified expert to the scene of the accident in order to inspect the details. We will also evaluate the cause of the injury in order to fully understand the cause. Many times our experts will find information that is critical to the case. To learn more about your rights contact our Product Liability Attorney for a free consultation: (855)385-2529


I bought a brand new harley in florida with out doing any research first cause I was bummed I prepaid for a Beachhouse that wasn’t. My daddy was following in my brand new Camaro convertible and I was riding it home to Missouri. In Atlanta in 6th gear, the back locked up due do to what thought was an issue with the master cylinder, clothes, and daddy said leaving the dealer wrong air pressure in the tires. It sent me into a wall at 75mph. Poor daddy watches it all, had ambulance get me to icu and sat with me therw over 2 months thru many surgeries every day. I don’t know how he was such a superman cause if I watched it happens to him or my baby my heart would have stopped and I wouls have crumpled right beside him. I was a systems engineer and model making 100k/yr since I’m disabled for life at 39. Cant use 3 of 4 limbs, ugly, lost my hair my teeth my brain. They say the MRI showed the part of the brain damaged affected memory, emotions, & intelligence but then during the reg last week they thru me into a seizure. I’ve always been healthy as a horse and addicted to working out. Like 6-7 days a week for 5-6 hours a day. I had 9 accounts opened, eviction, and criminal record all created while I was in icu. Ive never had any of that. progressive totaled the bike the next day then threatened me for months ruining my credit and demanding I sign over my power of attorney to them or Harley. All while ive been trying to just aurvive between the surgeries, orthopedic surgeons, vascular surgeons, neurologists, counselors. Then ive been paying 1500 a monthdor health insurance since I was 19 and only used it for my 1 child other than colds, yet they deny everything it seema and I had to use my whole retirement plan to pay out of pocket for surgeries that were covered. I pray and pray gods tells me why I beat the 8% chance cause he haa to have a plan for me. I have to be able to help someone some way. I’m sorry for rambling and bothering u. I hope u jave a good day. Bless u for helping people.

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