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Gun Holster Defect Lawsuits: Attorney Discusses Manufacturer Liability

Gun Holster Defect Lawsuits: Attorney Discusses Manufacturer Liability Gun holsters must be properly designed and manufactured so that user is able to use his or her firearm without the fear of significant harm to the individual or others. In many instance defective holsters results in the individual user being shot or misfires resulting in significant harm to nearby individuals. Our law firm is proud to represent individuals who have suffered harm due to the use of improperly designed products. Attorney Help: Below is information regarding product liability based lawsuits. If you have any further legal questions after reading this article feel free to contact our law firm. Wining Your Case in the Court of Law – Product Liability Lawsuit: Product liability claims including defective firearms and gun-holsters resulting in injury can be proven by showing several different types of defects present in the product. 1. Defect resulting in faulty design of the product. 2. Defect due to faulty manufacturing process resulting in a sold and distributed product that poses a significantly higher risk of severe injuries to the individuals when compared to its original design. 3. Defect in labeling – when the manufacturers of the product fails to properly warn all known and knowable dangers associated with its use. What Does Strict Liability Mean: Under common law strict liability is imposed on manufacturers, distributors, sellers and lessor of goods regarding of any intent to cause harm or level of negligence in the products design of the product. Thus any individual or corporation who sells any product that is unreasonably dangerous is held strictly liable for any injuries or property damage caused by the use of the item. Types of Damages Compensable in a Defective Product Injury Case: A common question asked by our clients during their initial consultations with our legal team is, “how much money can I receive for compensation,” or “what is the value of my case.” The average value of a personal injury case revolved around several factors. 1. The extent and severity of the harm suffered. 2. Calculation of medical expenses and future cost of rehabilitation care. 3. Loss of wages and future loss of income capacity due to permanent disability. 4. Level of pain and suffering incurred. 5. Availability for Punitive damage compensation. Where are Punitive Damages Available in Defective Product Based Lawsuits: Punitive damage compensation is not designed to provide compensation to the victims. Rather its purpose is to punish the at fault manufacturers so that it will refrain from further wrongful and dangerous actions. Punitive damages are awarded when the liable party knew or should have known that its product poses a significant risk of injury to a user but failed to take necessary actions to either warn or alter the product. Cost of Hiring Our Law Firm to Represent You in the Court of Law: Our law firm works on a contingency fee basis. This means that our clients do not have to pay for any of their legal fees out of pocket. Our work will be compensated if and only if there is a successful resolution of your case via financial recovery for your injuries. Free Legal Consultation Available for Injured Victims: If you or a loved one have suffered a gunshot wound due to the use of a defective gun holster and have any further legal questions feel free to contact our law firm. All legal confidential consultations with our attorneys are provided free of charge. Further Information: Defective Gun Injury Lawsuits Statute of Limitations Product Liability Lawsuit


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