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Actos Lawsuit – Class Action Claim for Bladder Cancer 2014

Actos Lawsuit – Class Action Claim for Bladder Cancer 2014 The DTLA law Group is currently investigating possible class action and single party claims against Takeda Pharmaceuticals and Eli Lilly Co. for the improper design and manufacturing of Actos.  According to various clinical studies the use of Actos has been linked to the development of serious life threatening side effects including the development of bladder cancer, cardiac arrest, heart attacks and kidney failure. Rights of Victims: Individuals who have suffered harm due to the use of a defective unsafe drug have the right to seek legal justice and monetary compensation via the filing of a product liability lawsuit. If you have any further legal questions feel free to contact our law office till free (855)385-2529. All confidential consultations are conducted by our attorneys free of charge. Latest Developments: In April 2014 Takeda, the largest pharmaceutical manufacturer in Japan and the manufacturer of Actos was ordered to pay $6.0 billion dollars by a U.S. court, while the United States distributor of the diabetes medication, Eli Lilly, was ordered to pay $3.0 billion dollars. According to a recent medical study Actos results in a 330% increase in the risk of bladder cancer. There are currently over 3,000 active cases against the manufacturers of Actos for the development of serious side effects including bladder cancer.

Wining a Class Action Product Liability Lawsuit for Actos – How to Prove Your Case

Generally there are three way in which a product liability lawsuit can be proven in the court of law. 1. Defect of the Product Due to it Faulty Design: A design defect take place when there exists an ulterior design that is safer that the one used. 2. Defect Caused by the Improper Manufacturing Process of the Drug: In many cases manufacturing processes for drugs are altered to as to reduce production costs. However when a manufacturing defect is established when such changes result in a more dangerous drug than the one first envisioned. 3. Labeling Defect – Failure to Properly Warn: The failure to properly warn consumers of all known and or knowable dangers associated with the use of a product can establish a basis for a labeling defect.

What is a Class Action Lawsuit – Should I Join One of File a Single Person Lawsuit Instead

Class action lawsuits can be filed if an when there are a large number of victims with an identical or nearly identical legal or factual cause of action against an at fault party. In many cases victims of defect medications should opt out of joining a class action lawsuit if and when their injuries are more severe than the majority of the other claimants in the class. This is because in a class action all members are awarded an equal share of the settlement that is provided . Under those conditions individual who have suffered only minor harm will be entitled to the same amount of compensation as claimants who have been more severely afflicted.

Compensation – Financial Recovery For Victims of ActosI

ndividual who have taken Actos and have been afflicted by bladder cancer or another serious physical harm have the right to seek vindication via financial compensation from all at fault parties. Types of damages which are compensable in such cases include  (1) Recovery for all medical and hospitalization care including future medical and rehabilitation costs, (2) Non-economic damage compensation including pain and suffering and mental anguish, (3) Economic damages recovery including loss of wages and loss of future income due to physical and mental manifestations of the harm suffered. Further Information: If you have any further legal questions feel free to contact our law offices. All confidential legal consultations are provided by our law firm free of charge. More Information: Actos Verdict: Jury Orders Takeda, Eli Lilly To Pay $9 Billion In Damages Average Case Settlement for Actos Bladder Cancer Lawsuits Statute of Limitations for Actos Lawsuits

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