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Risperdal Can Cause Lactating Breast in Men

Risperdal Can Cause Lactating Breast in MenOur firm has handled hundreds of different defective drug cases, however one that stands out the most to me is Risperdal. Why? Because of the serious side-effects caused by this drug, young boys suffer in-measurably. Often times they are left with enlarged breasts, which can leave them self conscious about their bodies. At a time when teenagers are already insecure, this added issue can have long lasting psychological issues. In more severe cases enlarged breasts can actually begin to lactate. Lactating male breasts is a side-effect of Risperdal usage, however it was not brought to the consumers attention. More on Risperdal Class Action Lawsuits.

Risperdal Bait and Switch by Manufacturers

Risperdal manufacturer, Johnson and Johnson participated in off-label marketing. Off label marketing is the process by which manufacturers push a certain prescription for a different market, then that which it was intended or approved by the FDA. As a result manufacturers would be able to expand the customer base of the drug and begin to increase profits. With respect to Risperdal it was originally designed as an anti-psychotic medication. However, Johnson and Johnson noticed a significant market potential and stepped up marketing efforts. As a result prescription was given for an array of non FDA approved uses. In such cases the drug was prescribed to children who have ADD or ADHD. However, this was never the intended use for this drug. In fact Risperdal was originally tested and approved for schizophrenia. Although the manufacturers noticed significant marketing potential for other cognitive disorders. As a result they did off-label marketing in order to push this drug for other non-intended uses without doing proper due diligence. This has resulted in significant bodily injuries to result with clients.

Male Lactating Breast and Risperdal

One of the most difficult injuries associated with the use of Risperdal is the development of lactating breast in young boys. In such cases gynecomastia, development of large breast can result in lactating breast. When this occurs, a number of different surgeries would be required to reduce or diminish the effect. However, even after multiple surgeries, the long lasting psychological impacts can still cause injury. Young boys in their teens already suffer from serious bodily insecurities. Lactating or enlarged breasts leave serious injury. In such cases young boys face difficult locker room situations where they are embarrassed to remove their shirt or feel out of place amongst their peers. In other documented cases young boys begin to lactate or produce milk from their breasts. In such cases they are left questioning their bodies and often begin to feel serious levels of depression and anxiety. As a result young children who are impacted by this drug are required to have corrective surgeries in order to repair the damage caused by excessive growth. Often times this can cause stretch marks or other types of scarring, which can require corrective surgery or cosmetic surgery.

Pursuing a Case Against Manufacturers – Lawsuit Information

If you were injured, it is likely that you can pursue a cause of action against the manufacturer of the drug for your injuries. How do you pursue a claim? In these types of cases you will need to have a few very important documents in order to have a viable claim. First, you must collect all of your medical data. This includes records and prescriptions of the drug. If any corrective surgeries were needed or performed it is important to get copies of these records. Second, Any photos or other documentation outside of medical reports should be gathered for your case. Third, contact a Risperdal attorney to review/evaluate your file. Case value is another important issue we address. If you are interested in learning more about case value click here. More Information: Statute of Limitations for Risperdal Lawsuits ADD ADHD Medication Linked to Gynecomastia

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