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Fontana Industrial Accident kills | Oldcastle Precast facility

Fontana Industrial Accident kills | Oldcastle Precast facility When we hear about workplace accidents, we always ask one of our senior attorneys to chime in on the liability and likely outcome of the case. In the accident at the Oldcastle Precast facility where one employee was critically injured and another dead, we ask who is liable and what are the legal options for those injured. Who is liable for this injury? Well the facts are not particularly clear in order to asses who is at fault. However, what can be determined is that there was a workplace injury. Now with these types of cases the injured party generally has two options; (1) either pursue the case through their workers compensation; or (2) pursue a personal injury claim against the employers insurance. In some cases it is possible to do both, but it requires careful analysis of the facts. What can cause a heavy-gauge cable to snap? Considering the tensile strength of these types of cables it is very difficult or rare for them to snap. It is my opinion that they snap either when they have rusted or aged and the business owner failed to repair them. Or when there is a significant amount of pressure on the cable causing it to snap. In order to fully understand the cause we would need to have one of our experts inspect the cables in order to give us an opinion. Do the families have any legal rights? Absolutely, the families can likely bring a wrongful death lawsuit for the injuries sustained. Under certain circumstances you can bring a wrongful death lawsuit for the injuries sustained. Generally this type of claim is brought by the families of the deceased.  There are a number of different factors that can apply with these types of cases and it is important to speak with an attorney. Do you deal with these types of cases? We deal with many different cases. I would be happy to speak with the families and better understand the circumstances leading to the injury. Of course our consultations are always free and we are here to help. If we can be of any help we are happy to discuss what our firm can do for the injured employees.

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