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Class Action Lawsuit Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market

Class Action Lawsuit Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market If you had purchased meat from Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market in the past three years, you may be entitled to damages. Downtown L.A. Law Group is currently evaluating claims against the following establishment and filing a class action lawsuit for damages. Members of a class action lawsuit will be able to recover for damages they have sustained. Who can join the class? Not all parties are able to join the class. In order to be eligible you must have purchased meat from the establishment and have receipts or some type of evidence documenting the transaction. If you do not have any receipts documenting  your purchase, it is possible to still enter the class under certain circumstances. However, those who have receipts of the purchase showing that they made a purchase in the past 3-years are able to join a class action lawsuit against Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market. What is a class action lawsuit? Class action lawsuits, are a lawsuit filed by a group of plaintiffs against a single or multiple defendants. A class action lawsuit pools together the similar complaints/injuries of those injured. Class action lawsuits will include all class members, with similar causes of actions for the injuries they have suffered. Class action lawsuits can be beneficial in expediting the judicial process, allow for recovery for the entire class and allow for change in the system. Who am I suing? In this case the defendant, or the party who is being sued is Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market and potentially its owners. Any party filing a lawsuit, will be considered a plaintiff in the cause of action. Plaintiffs will assert different causes of action for the injuries they have sustained. Such causes of action can include fraud, false advertising, breach of contract, breach of warranty and negligence. These are just sample causes of action and will need to be amended or modified as necessary. Should I join the class action lawsuit? Deciding on whether to join is a deeply personal decision, which only you can make. According to the facts, the defendant, Doheney Glatt Kosher Meat Market, had been responsible for the sale of un-kosher or treif meat. This practice to those who follow Jewish kashrut laws is considered a holy practice. Many work tirelessly to make sure that only Glatt Kosher meat is consumed by them and their families. When you have a case where an establishment falsely advertises its meat as kosher, when in fact it is not, then injuries can result. Injuries are not limited to your monetary damages, but will also account for potential psychological and punitive damages. Contacting an Attorney: If you have any questions regarding the potential class action lawsuit, you are welcome to contact our offices to discuss your claim. We can help guide you through the process in order to better understand your rights. (855)385-2529.

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