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Should I Change My Child’s Car Safety Seat After An Accident?

Should I Change My Child’s Car Safety Seat After An Accident? As a personal injury attorney in Los Angeles, we see a number of different cases each day. We are also asked some interesting questions by our clients, which we post to our blogs for our readers who may have similar questions. So the question is whether you should change a child’s car seat after an accident? We recommend that you do make such a change. Often times after a car accident the impact can diminish the integrity of the car seat. As a result if you get in a subsequent accident, it may not serve its function properly, causing aggravated or serious injuries.

Cost of Repair

Car seats would be considered property and thus recoverable under the property element of your claim. Make sure you speak with an attorney about getting reimbursement for the seat. Even if it has been some time since you made the purchase, you can still get the fair market value for the car. It is likely that the product will not be showing any signs of damage. This is not really an important factor. Most likely the damage is internal, which will not be visible unless the product is taken apart. It is important that you make these changes in order to avoid serious injury in the future.

Child Injuries in a Car Accident

Injuries related to children are different then adult injuries. First, child injuries can be late appearing. Meaning they won’t be noticed until a later period of time. So it makes the treatment a little difficult to manage. Unlike adults, children will not be able to pinpoint the exact area of the injury. After a car accident a pediatrician should be consulted for your child’s injuries. Also, any award or settlement should factor in future potential injuries. It is also important to remember that minors are not subject to the same percentage in contingency fees. Attorneys are not permitted to charge a minor a standard contingency fee percentage. Make sure that these fees are the correct amount permitted by law. Child accident cases require a significant amount of care in order to properly seek a significant sized settlement. Make sure that any award for damages factors in these types of injuries. Future injuries will often be denied by insurance companies. Therefore, it is important that your attorney litigate this aspect of the case in order to make sure the claim is maximized. If you have been involved in a car accident contact the Downtown L.A. Law Group, we are a plaintiffs firm handling personal injury cases nationwide. With offices across Southern California, we have the resources and ability to recover for your injuries. Our offices are open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week. Call toll free at 855-385-2529 for a free confidential no cost obligation.

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