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How to Get a Copy of Your Traffic Car Accident Report and Why

How to Get a Copy of Your Traffic Car Accident Report and Why Having a copy of your traffic collision report or TCR is one of the most critical parts of any automobile or motorcycle accident report. Why? Because this report will essentially outline all the facts of your accident. It will include a report of any witness present at the time of the accident, weather conditions, injuries sustained and other important facts. In the event that these facts are incorrect the police should be informed immediately to make the appropriate corrections. In the event that the report is inaccurate it can hurt your chances of recovery for your injuries. For example if the report does not mention a critical fact such as whether you were rear ended or whether the other driver ran a red light it can hurt your chances for recovery. If this is the case proper amendments must be made to the report.

How to get a copy of my traffic accident report?

There are two way to get a copy of your traffic collision report,  you can either do it in person or by mail. Here are steps for doing it either way. In Person This is the best way to get your report because it saves a lot of time. You can generally obtain a report within a few minutes if you walk into the station. You will need your collision report information. This is a small piece of paper that was probably given to you at the time of the accident. This document includes the date of the accident, the time of the accident, the NCIC number and the officers I.D. Number. To the right of the document there will be a report from the agency who responded to the scene i.e. California Highway Patrol along with their telephone number and physical address.  What you need to do is call that number ask for the report number and prepare sufficient funds (usually no more then $10) and make your way to the station. Once there you present that document along with your report number and the cash/check in the appropriate amount. By Mail If you are too busy or from another state or if the station is far away you will likely need to make a request by mail. In this case you will need to contact the telephone number of the agency responsible for making the report. This number is generally printed on the collision report information given to you by the officer. Once you contact that number ask for where the check needs to be mailed in order to get a copy of your traffic collision report. Make a check payable in the amount request and to the proper parties. You must also include a copy of the collision report information and a signed statement requesting a copy of the report.

Have you attorney get you the documents

If you have an attorney they will surely already take the necessary steps to make sure the report is obtained. Attorneys generally cannot make a decision on a case unless they have the police report. This report is a critical part of the case and will help identify which parties are at fault. It will also give witness names and other valuable information needed to pursue your claim. If you have been injured or involved in a automobile accident make sure you have a copy of this report.


How can I get the report on line?

    Some agencies allow for it, but usually they require that you send in your request via US Mail.


I would just like a copy of the crash report, I do not need a lawyer to contact me.


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