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Filing a Lawsuit for Spinal Cord Damage After a Car Accident

Filing a Lawsuit for Spinal Cord Damage After a Car Accident Accidents that cause spinal cord injuries are serious. In fact spinal cord damage is considered some of the most serious types of accidents. When a victims spin suffers any type of damage it can leave to life-long pain and suffering. In dealing with a spinal cord injury you need to make sure your attorney is aware of the long term impact. Car Accidents Causing Spinal Cord Trauma Statistically motor vehicle accidents are one of the top five reasons for a spinal cord injury. In fact vehicular accidents accounted for 39.2% of spinal cord injury claims. Spinal cord injuries can result from high to low impact collisions. They can occur anytime the spine is weakened. In certain circumstances age can play a big factor. For example if you are above a certain age a light impact or slow moving impact can cause damage to the spinal cord. This is because of the compounded effect of the natural aging process coupled with the impact of the accident. High impact accidents and SUV Rollover Crashes, resulting from truck or RV accidents or fast moving vehicles can also cause serious spine trauma. These high impact collisions can cause cervical or neck injuries, thoracic or chest level injuries and lumbar or lower back injuries. Additionally, these types of car accident can press sideways or compress the spinal cord leading the extensive or serious injuries after a car accident. Symptoms of Spinal Cord Damage After a Car Accident Spinal cord damage or trauma can occur after a serious or minor car accident. While the impact of the collision is important, it is not the only factor to consider. Symptoms of possible trauma include the following:
  • Increased pain in the spinal or lower back region
  • Loss of bodily function control
  • Paralysis
  • General pain throughout the body
  • Sensory changes particularly to light
Depending on which part of the spine was injured the type of symptoms you may experience may be different. If you experience neck or cervical injuries it is likely that it will impact your legs and arms. If the injury was to the lower back it can impact bowel movement or muscle control. Knowing the symptoms to a spinal cord injury is important. Your attorney should be able to help you assess the type of injury and get you in front of the proper doctors for treatment of your injuries. Calculating a Spinal Cord Injury Claim The cost associated with a spinal cord injury can be substantial. That is why your attorney must present any demand for damages to include the potential future cost of care and treatment. Below is a list of cost depending on the type of injury sustained.
  • Victims with high level Tetraplegia impacting the C1-C4 area are expected to have a care cost of $1,023,924 for the first year and around $177,808 for each subsequent year. Lifetime cost can be between $4.5 million dollars if the victim is 25 years of age and at around $2.5 million if the victim is over the age of 50.
  • Low level injuries or Low Tetraplegia impacting the C-5-C8 spinal region cost around $730,000 for the first year and around $109,000 for each subsequent year. The lifetime cost is around $3.5 million for those at the age of 25 and around $2 million for those 50 years or older.
  • Injuries causing paraplegia have a scheduled first year cost of around $500,000 and $66,000 for each subsequent year. The lifetime cost is around $2 million if you are around the age of 25 and about $1.4 million if you are 50 years or older.
** These figures can vary depending on geographic region. The Downtown LA Law Advantage – What Our Attorneys Can Do To Help.
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I was initially injured on-job performing my duties as a heavy haul flatbed truck driver in 2002 (2004: underwent lumbar fusion surgery: L-3,L-4,L-5 discectomy, laminectomy, spinal fusion w/stabilization rods/screws)(2005: 2nd surgery to remove rods/screws); Released back to work full time duty- no restrictions in 2006. *Involved in CMV Truck MVA 2006: Forcefully vaulted from CMV sleeper berth (Team Driver Operation) upon 55 miles per hour impact with another vehicle which was parked illegally blocking traffic lane of hwy., I suffered High Speed Impact Trauma to my spine (L5-S-1 disc herniation). Orthopedic Spine Surgeon purposely misdiagnosed my spinal injury from this MVA by refusing to order specific diagnostic imaging test (MRI) needed to make proper diagnosis of spinal injury until 2009. An Associate of this Orthopedic Surgeon in October, 2013 ordered new MRI: Dr. Carmina Angeles (Neurospine Institute- Eugene, OR) made disclosure/notification to patient that the Spinal Fusion Surgery performed by her Associate Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Scott H. Kitchel, was a Failed Fusion Surgery! Dr. Angeles advised patient that a needed “re-do spinal fusion surgery of L-3, L-4” was needed and also spinal fusion surgery to repair the “L-5, S-1” injury sustained in 2006 MVA. My belief and complaint is that Dr. Scott H. Kitchel of Neurospine Institute committed Medical Malpractice by making improper post surgical examination/diagnostic evaluation prior to releasing me back to work as a commercial long haul truck driver. *Upon 2nd Spinal Surgery to remove the stabilization instrumentation this “World Renowned Spinal Surgeon” should have been able to make correct visual inspection of soft tissues of initial spinal fusion surgical area during this 2nd surgical procedure via surgical incision opening of my lower back area of my body to make an accurate decision regarding removal and prior to removal of said stabilization hardware*! This surgeon thereby caused worsening of unhealed soft tissues by releasing me back to heavy physical demanding type work duties in an injured condition which also violated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations per mandatory Physical Requirements of a Commercial Truck Driver. And also following MVA injury of 10/28/2006 and during Post MVA medical examination made purposeful negligent misdiagnosis by refusing patient’s request of him to order certain MRI diagnostic test which patient had prior to being released back to work by this same Physician been notified by Dr. Scott Kitchel stating to her that the “soft tissues areas located above and below the surgical area would be susceptible to injury. This specific Orthopedic Surgeon upon initial medical consultation conducted in 2004 with patient ordered certain diagnostic imaging test known as “Dicsogram” which was performed at “Sacred Heart Hospital, Eugene, Oregon” that same day of initial consultation, and also hours later same day contacted patient via telephone conversation delivering oral explanatory results of “Discogram” Imaging test results and advised patient of the need for surgery to repair soft tissue damage of spine which was sustained performing job functions of repetitious heavy lifting of heavy truck tarps. I have yet to receive proper needed medical care to resolve my injured spinal condition. I have been previously informed by legal attorney consult that I have possible “life-time coverage of my lumbar spine” arising from Oregon Worker’s Compensation Board Mediation Agreement with “Team Mucho, dba: Smalley Trucking, Sutherlin, Oregon: Industrial Insurance Carrier- Specialty Risk Services, Tualatin, Oregon. Does your Law Firm have ability or interest in pursuing this type of legal case? Thank you for your time.

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