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Drunk Driver Slams into Las Vegas Bus Stop Killing Four

Drunk Driver Slams into Las Vegas Bus Stop Killing Four Thursday, in the early mornings of rush hour traffic in Las Vegas a Drunk Driver plowed into a busy bus stop killing four and injuring a further eight.  According to emergency medical techs who first arrived on the scene there was a pungent waft of alcohol in the vehicle of the drunk driver. The driver of the vehicle survived the accident.  The injured were quickly rushed to local area hospitals across Las Vegas including three of the injured who were treated at Sunrise Hospital. The crash was witnessed by many motorists and pedestrians including a Las Vegas Metro Police officer.  According to witness accounts the vehicle driving at excessive speeds before the accident took place. Bus Stop accident are more frequent than many believe; Drunk driving, speeding, drowsy driving and inattentive driving of a vehicle, including a car or a public transportation bus, are the chief causes of bus stop accidents.

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