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Child Dies After Bus Stop Accident in Orange California

Child Dies After Bus Stop Accident in Orange CaliforniaA child was hit and declared dead at the scene. The girl and her parents were waiting at the bus stop when a vehicle crashed into the bus stop. According to the vehicles driver, the accident was caused after he was cut off by another driver. Additional reports indicate that the girl’s father was also critically injured after the accident and admitted to the hospital. This is a truly tragic case of driver negligence, which ultimately impacted the lives of innocent families. There is absolutely no words to explain a situation such as this, where an innocent pedestrian was injured at a bus stop. Possible stop barriers should be installed at bus stops to avoid these types of foreseeable injuries. Operators should take notice of these injuries and install safety devices which would prevent a injuries of this kind. Unlike mobile pedestrians, those waiting at a bus stop are stationary. Stationary pedestrians are more likely to suffer these injuries. When a pedestrian is waiting for a bus, they are in-effect stationary. Bus operators and city officials should require that there be sufficient protective measures installed to avoid these types of injuries. Personal Injury attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law are here to answer any of your legal questions. Contact us today with your legal questions.

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