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California Bus Crash with Fedex Truck on 5 Freeway: 4-10-2014

California Bus Crash with Fedex Truck on 5 Freeway: 4-10-2014The tragic accident took place on the I-5 Freeway near the northern California city of Orland. According to investigators the accident has resulted in the death of at least 10 individuals while dozens have suffered serious injuries including burn injuries and minor cuts and bruises. Officials investigating the accident have not yet released details of the cause of the accident. Witnessed described  watching with horror as the fire engulfed the bus as victims were trapped inside. Three buses had been chartered to take high school students from Los Angeles to the northern California’s Humboldt State University. The horrendous accident and fire resulted in a smoke and ash cloud that was seen for miles. Legal Implications: Our personal injury and wrongful death law firm is currently investigating potential claims against Federal Express, the Charter Tour Bus Operator and other at liable parties for injuries and death for passengers who died or suffered serious harm. If you have any legal questions feel free to contact our law offices at (855) 339-8879. Update: The National Transportation Safety Board has launched a go-team to investigate a crash involving a truck that crossed over the center median of Interstate 5 and collided with a motor coach in Orland, California. Highway Safety Investigator Robert Accetta will serve as the investigator-in-charge, leading a multi-disciplinary team of NTSB personnel. More information on the investigation of the accident by the NTSB here..

FedEx Liability and Tour Bus Liability for the Deadly Accident

California Common Carrier Laws: In the state of California owners and operators of public and private mass transit owe their passengers as well as other motorists on the road a heightened level of responsibility. There are several elements which need to be proven in the court to law so as to establish liability on the part of a private bus operator. 1. Was there a duty owe to the injured party – as stated above bus line and tour bus operators are consider common carries and thus owe the highest level of care to drive in a safe and reasonable manner so as to prevent and or greatly reduce the risk in harm. 2. Was the duty breached by the bus operator and or driver -example of the breach of a duty of care in these instances may include the following. Failure to properly inspect the truck, negligent driving of the bus operator, failure to properly train bus driver. 3. Was the breach of the duty of care a cause of the accidents. 4. Did the accident result in harm and or death to the victim. Statute of Limitations: In the state of California civil injury claims including wrongful death lawsuits must be filed within two years from the date of the incident. Failure to submit a claim will result in the denial of a claimants right to compensation under the law. Filing a Wrongful Death Lawsuit: The death of a relative is a tragedy for all who cared and loved for the deceased individual. The state of California allows for certain relatives of the deceased to file a wrongful death cause of action against all liable parties. More on California Wrongful Death Laws hereFurther Information: More in California Common Carrier Laws Accidents Involving FedEx Vehicles School Liability for Injuries to Students School Bus Accidents

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