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Brain Injury After a Bus Accident | Headaches After a Bus Accident

Brain Injury After a Bus Accident | Headaches After a Bus Accident Bus accidents can cause serious injuries. Often times these injuries are minimized by the insurance companies. Why? Because insurance companies understand that it can be difficult to prove a traumatic brain injury. In order to prove a such injuries expert neurological exams will be required. Additionally many of these exams are not covered by your insurance provider or there is no insurance available, and due to the cost many forgo getting examinations. However, working with an attorney can assist you to see doctors on a medical lien. Medical liens will help you get treatment with no upfront cost. How Bus Accidents Cause Brain Injuries 
Bus Accident Injury Information

Constant Headaches after a Bus Accident can be a sing of moderate to severe brain injury

First let’s look at the mechanism involved in a bus accident. Where did it happen? Were you a pedestrian, passenger or a driver rear ended by a bus? If you were a passenger on a bus it is likely that you were not restrained. Additionally bus seats are not rider friendly and passengers are often knocked around. In situations where the bus driver suddenly slams on his brakes, unsuspecting passenger can be seriously injured. The force of the bus will send passengers on a forward spiral and when the bus ultimately stops, they will be whiplashed back. This sudden forward and backward motion can disrupt or cause serious brain injuries. Such brain injuries can require long term rehabilitation, or in some cases no treatment is possible. Other instances include pedestrians being hit by either low hanging bus mirrors or cars being rear ended by a bus driver. Along with head injuries there are multitude of other injuries that can occur. This includes spine injuries, back injuries and ocular injuries. Much like a brain injuries recovery from these types of injuries can be long lasting and sometimes uncertain. If a bus accident hits a pedestrian the extent of the injury can significant. Buses are some of the largest vehicles on the road. Extreme caution must be exercised in the operation of a bus. In cases where the bus driver is inattentive, tired or just not careful pedestrians and passerby’s can be seriously hurt. What to Do After A Bus Accident You have a few options after a bus accident. It is important you know your rights before you make a decision. Here are list of a few of your options.
  • First: you can decide not to pursue a cause of action against the bus company. If you decide to do this you should be aware that the bus company will not pay for any damages. Also if you change your mind keep in mind you have a limited period of time to file a complaint. If you do not do so in that time period there is nothing further that you can do.
  • Second: you can attempt to pursue the claim yourself. This will include filing a claim with the transit authority,  making a demand for injuries sustained and preparing for a potential trial.
  • Third: you can employ an attorney to assist you. Your attorney will negotiate with the insurance company to obtain a favorable settlement. If no settlement is offered then a lawsuit will be filed for your injuries.
  • Finally: Always keep in mind that in California you have only 6 MONTHS (180 Days from the date of the accident) to file a claim against a public entity. Generally bus companies are considered public entities and you will only have 6 months to file a claim for your injuries.
More Information: Bus Passenger Injury Claims Statute of Limitations for Filing a Bus Accident Lawsuit

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