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La Habra Explosion 531 Commercial Way – Many Burn Injuries

La Habra Explosion 531 Commercial Way – Many Burn Injuries According to the most recent reports at least 12 individuals have suffered burn injuries due to the fiery explosion which took place in the late morning hours in the Southern California city of La Habra California. Investigators from local fire departments have yet to determine the specific cause of the explosion. Two of the persons injured are suffering from severely critical bun injuries requiring immediate hospitalization. The location of the explosion is home to a polishing plant called Gorilla’s Polishing. According to one witness the explosion sounded like a massive bomb going off. All those who were hurt in the explosion have been transported to local area hospitals. Further information Concerning Burn Injuries From Fires: Burn injuries are rated y degree on the severity of the harm suffered from 1st and second degree all the way to third fourth and fifth degree burns. Victims of burn injuries in their place of work are entitled to compensation for all harms suffered including all medical and health related costs, cost of future medical and rehabilitation costs, pain and suffering, disability care, and loss of wages. Lawsuit Investigation: Our law firm is currently investigating possible personal injury and worker compensation lawsuits against the property owners and or the business owners. In most cases individuals who have been hurt on the job can only pursue a workplace compensation claim. In some instances where an accident is caused by a third party injured workers have the right to bifurcate their claim thus pursuing a negligence based personal injury claim against the third party (ie property owner). Attorney Help: If you or a loved one have suffered harm due the La Habra explosion and have any legal questions feel free to contact our law offices. All legal consultations are provided by our attorneys free of charge. (855)385-2529. Further Information: Chemical Burns and Workplace Injury Lawsuit Statute of Limitations for Burn Injury Lawsuits

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