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Blowtorch Defect Injury Attorney | Blowtorch Accident Lawsuit

Blowtorches are an effective tool in many home and construction type projects. But what happens when these products fail to work properly and causes serious injury. Considering the flammable chemicals and extreme heat produced by this type of equipment, serious injury can occur.  Below is a helpful legal guide to blowtorch defect claim and recovery for your injuries.  If you have any further questions and would like to speak to an attorney regarding your injury claim contact us by phone or fill out our free case evaluation for here.

Defective Product Liability – Blowtorch Defect Claims

Defective products can come in many different types. A product can be defective when it has a manufacturing defect, a design defect or when the manufacturer of the product fail to warn users of potential dangers. A Blowtorch can be a dangerous product. A defective Blowtorch can cause permanent and devastating injuries. If the device was to blow up during use or failed to function properly, then liability can be imposed on the manufacturer. Determining whether the product was defective may require expert opinions and testimony. Expert opinions with regards to the quality of the materials used and the manufacturing process can be used to decide whether the product was defective.

Who is liable for Blowtorch Accident Defects

Liability can be imposed on a number of different parties. California law allows for an injured party to hold any commercial seller liable for injuries from a defective product. Commercial sellers are those who are re-sellers of the product. This includes, wholesalers, retailers, on-line sellers and any other party involved in the sale of the product.
California Defective Product Attorney representing victims of Blowtorch Accidents

Manufacturers, Distributors, Wholesalers, retailers, on-line sellers and any other party involved in the sale or manufacturing of a blowtorch can be held liable for your injuries

In an effort to maximize your claim and to recover for your injuries, your attorney should hold each commercial seller responsible. This will allow you to maximize your claim. While the commercial sellers may require indemnification this strategy is still effective in helping you maximize your recovery. Our firm maximizes results through creative and effective legal representation. Common Blowtorch Burn Injuries Your injuries resulting from a Blowtorch defect can be serious. Depending on whether the device was on at the time of injury or whether it was not in use. The most common types of injuries are burn related injuries. This can be 1st to 3rd degree burns all over the injured party’s body. You can see a full list of burn injuries here.

Blow torch Accident Injury Lawsuit – Compensation for you damages:

Compensation for your injuries will be dependent on several factors including the types of damages sustained.  Under California Tort and Personal Injury laws an injured party is entitled to compensation for such damages as
  • Hospitalization costs and Emergency room costs
  • Doctors visits and Prescribing drug and medication costs
  • Future Medical Costs including procedures to remove scarring and disfigurement
  • Lost wages for inability to work
  • Future loss or reduction of wages resulting from a permanent disability
  • Pain and Suffering including emotional distress, Post Traumatic Stress (PTSD)
  • Punitive Damages – where possible
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