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Common Causes of Bed Sores in Nursing Homes and Hospital Beds

Common Causes of Bed Sores in Nursing Homes and Hospital Beds Bed sores, (pressure ulcers) are a common injury to patients in hospitals and the elderly in nursing homes and elderly care centers. There are numerous causes of bed sores and pressure sores; some of the most common causes are provided below. If you have any further questions regarding a patients legal rights to a lawsuit for bed sore injuries in a hospital or nursing home contact our law offices (855)385-2529. Common Causes of Bed Sores: 1. Constant Pressure on the Skin or Tissues: Usually over body parts composed of bony surfaces including the buttocks, and hips. 2. Pressure from Hard Surfaces: Often caused by nursing home staff leaving patients on chairs, wheelchairs, or beds for a long period of time. 3. Burn caused by friction: Often caused by staff in hospitals and nursing facilities pulling patients across bed sheets or other hard surfaces. 4. Failure to Properly dry the skin: Moister in the outer lawyer of the skin. In many instances nursing home facilities fail to properly clean patients who have to deal with incontinence issues. The moister left in place may also contribute to serious infections. Filing a Lawsuit for Bed Sore injuries in Nursing Homes and Hospitals: Under California personal injury laws victims of negligent or intentional conduct have the right to receive compensation. Types of recovery available include
  • Compensation for all medical and health related costs arising from bed sore injuries
  • Pain and suffering – including mental and physical anguish
  • Cost of any future medical treatments including rehabilitation
Attorney Representation: If a relative of loved one has suffered from bed sores due to nursing home abuse or negligence contact our Nursing home abuse attorneys for a free no cost consultation. (855)385-2529. Further Information: Elder Abuse – Nursing Home Neglect Lawsuit – Legal Guide

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