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Taxi Cab Passenger Injury Lawsuits – Right to Recovery

Taxi Cab Passenger Injury Lawsuits – Right to Recovery Taxi cabs are a somewhat convenient method of travel, but what happens when they are involved in an accident? Many times, almost immediately after your accident you will be contacted by the taxi cabs insurance company. They will request a statement from you with regards to your injuries and the incident. Comments made to them will be used in some manner to minimize or limit your recovery. It is important to know your rights after a taxi cab accident. Passengers have special rights with regards to taxi cab accidents. It is important to know your rights before making any statements.

Passenger Rights After a Taxi Cab Accident

Passengers in a cab are considered negligent free. As a result they are entitled to recovery for any injuries sustained from the negligence of the cab company. However, many times insurance companies representing cab companies will work to deny your claim. Common questions asked by insurance companies, after a cab accident include:
  • Were you wearing a seat-belt at the time of the accident?
  • How fast was the cab going?
  • When did the accident happen?
  • Where did the accident happen?
  • Who was at fault in the accident – the taxicab driver or another motorist?
  • What typed of injuries did you suffer?
While these questions may not seem threatening, issues can arise when you answer them. For example, with regards to questions about seat belts, claims adjusters will use it to deny or limit your claim. It is vital to speak with an attorney regarding your legal right before you provide any information by way of statements or documents to insurance companies. Insurance Coverage for Taxi Cab Accidents: The vast majority of Taxicab Corporations carry a $50,000 no-fault coverage, on top of any insurance provided by their insurance which may provide hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars in coverage. In such cases it is best to allow for your attorney to assist in answering these questions. Further Information: – Rear-end Taxicab AccidentsCommon Carrier Law and Taxicab Accidents  

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