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Five Tips for Driving in the Rain

Five Tips for Driving in the Rain California has been experiencing some rain fall in the past few days and with the winter season coming along more is expected to come. Since the climate here is generally warm many drivers are not accustomed to driving in difficult conditions. When you have rain it creates slippery surfaces and causes those driving to be at a high risk for a motor vehicle accident. Here are some tips from our car accident attorneys on driving in the rain.

Pay Attention to the Road

Many accidents occur because of a lack of attention to the road. Drivers who fail to pay attention to road conditions or potential road hazards are at a high risk of injury from an accident. Distracted drivers using handheld devices i.e. cell phones or texting are at a high risk of causing or being involved in accidents. It is important when roads are slick that you pay extra caution to your surroundings. Accidents caused by inattentive drivers are often times the most devastating. These accidents are not only devastating to the other parties, but often times to the drivers as well. Examples of inattentive driving include applying cosmetics, texting, cell phone use or any type of activity other than.

First 10 Minutes are the Most Important

After rainfall the first ten minutes are the most dangerous. Why? Because the road conditions in such instances are very dangerous. All roads are fill with long term oil and slick substance buildup. Rain fall usually washes away such substances and causes the roads to become slick/slippery. This can cause increased danger. In such instances it is advisable that you keep a safe distance from all vehicles in-front of you and to make sure there is safe distance with vehicles in your rear. Drivers can easily miscalculate the distance between vehicles, which can cause a pile up accident. Therefore, you should always maintain a safe distance and remember that the first ten minutes after rain fall are the most dangerous.

Watch for Potholes or Dangerous Road Conditions

Potholes are more likely to occur after rain buildup. In such cases vehicles that are not cautious can cause devastating injuries, not just to their vehicles, but to themselves as well. In such cases  potholes can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle. This will send often times result in a significant impact injury. Remember, that accidents caused by a pothole are not subject to the same rules and regulations as a standard personal injury claim. There are generally government entity claims and are subject to different statute of limitations. Make sure you are aware of these deadlines.

Make Sure you Have Insurance Coverage

Often times we let our insurance policies lapse during this time of year. Whether it is due to holiday shopping or because you are just busy, don’t let this become an issue. Letting your insurance coverage lapse will be detrimental should you decide to pursue a bodily injury claim. Keep in mind you must have insurance coverage in California if you want to pursue a claim for pain and suffering. Also, it is important to understand your policy. It is always advisable that you have adequate underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage to avoid issue.

Drive Safe and Be Cautious

Driving in the rain is easy for some and very difficult for others. You can often times avoid an accident if you are cautious. Pay attention to the road and drive defensively where needed to avoid being involved in a collision. Drivers who drive at unsafe speeds or are impaired can cause dangerous road conditions, make sure you are aware of the drivers in your surrounding vicinity and act accordingly to avoid collisions. Should you be involved in an accident make sure you get proper medical treatment for your injuries. Never attempt to self diagnose your injuries and speak with a lawyer to understand your rights. All consultations are absolutely free and cases are handled on a no win no fee basis.

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