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Filing Police Report After a Car Accident

Filing Police Report After a Car Accident After an auto accident there are many things that can go through a victims thoughts.  One question that may arise is whether you need to file a police report and how you can file a police report. It is important to report emergencies to your local law enforcement agency including traffic accidents. The best time to  file a car accident police report is at the scene of the accident.  If you have a mobile phone call 911.  If you cant use your phone or don’t have a phone handy ask a witness to contact your local police department. Police reports taken at the scene of the accident can be an important tool for your attorney in helping you receive the maximum available recovery for you injuries and property damage.  A police  report can contain information in (1) Who was at fault (2) the severity of the property damage (3) credible and unbiased account of the circumstances behind the accident. An officer will take all your pertinent information including the parties drivers license numbers, address, phone number, license place and type of vehicle the accident victims where involved in. Make sure you ask for the police to give you a hard copy of the police report.  Different police departments will have different procedures as to when and how they will provide you with a copy of the accident report. What to do after the accident: If you have sustained any injuries seek medical attention.  There can be unseen damage to your vehicle so the next step would be to take your vehicle to an body shop (mechanic) so you can get an estimate for your damage. Once you Contact and Attorney:  Never talk to an to either insurance companies until you have sought consultation from a traffic accident attorney.  Any words, letters, or comments that you state to an insurance company can and will be used by your adjuster to lower or extinguish your claim.
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