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Ferris Wheel Accident in Ventura required rescue teams

Ferris Wheel Accident in Ventura required rescue teams In Thousand Oaks, Ventura county more than 30 individuals required rescue teams to take them off a Ferris wheel which malfunctioned Saturday night around 9:00 PM. According to investigators at the scene of the incident the Ferris wheel seem to have malfunctioned causing the amusement park ride to stand still standing dozens of patrons. The incident took place at the Thousand Oaks Carnival being held on the campus of California Lutheran University , 60 W Olsen Rd, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360. The Ventura county fire department responded to the scene of the incident, long ladder were required to rescue the more the 30 people who remained stuck in the rise for hours. According to the local fire department two people suffered minor injuries in due to the carnival ride. Who cal be held liable for them park accident and carnival accidents: There are many questions that run through the head of s person that has suffered injuries on a carnival ride (Ferris wheel). One major question is “who can be held responsible for my injuries?” There are several parties that may be held liable for damages you may have suffered due to a carnival ride accident including (1) The property owner: Under premise liability laws property owners have a duty to warn of and protect patrons into their land of known dangerous hazards. (2) Manufacturer of the Ferris wheel: The carnival ride may have been defectively designed, defectively manufactures or may have carried improper warning labels warning of any known danger associated with the use of the product. (3) Ferris Wheel operators: Operators of carnival rides have a duty to inspects, maintain, and properly repair damaged rides which pose a danger to riders. If you have any further questions contact our Law Firm.

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