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Accident on 405 Freeway: 8 Vehicles Involved: 12-4-13

Accident on 405 Freeway: 8 Vehicles Involved: 12-4-13 A multiple vehicle accident on the southbound lanes of the 405 freeway took place during the late morning rush hour. According to investigators and the California Highway Patrol (CHP) the accident has resulted in more than 11 injuries. Eight separate vehicles have been involved in the accident including big rig delivery truck form the 99 Cent Stores. According to reports from the Los Angeles Times more than 40 firefighters have responded to the scene of that accident. The Los Angeles Fire Department stated that one of the injured was in critical condition while most other have been treated at scene of the accident. Further Information Regarding Auto Accident and Truck Accidents:

The most common causes of multi vehucle pileup accident on freeways and highways include

  • Defective roadway construction or desing
  • Speeding during poor weathers
  • Drunk Driving or Driving under the influence of a narcotic
  • Distracted driving – using a mobile phone, putting on makeup or eating while driving
  • Text messaging during driving
  • Poor Climactic conditions – particularly low vivibility
  • Rubbernecking on the road
Highway Accident – Multi Car Pileup Liability Rear End Accident Information Truck Accident Laws Attorney Representation: If you or a loved one have sustained severe injuries due to a multi vehicle collision feel free to contact our law offices. Our toll free number is (855)385-2529. Our attorneys specialize in cases involving multiple defendants and plaintiffs and offer all clients with confidential and free case reviews regarding their potential claim.

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