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5 Die In Deadly Limousine Fire Bay Area San Mateo-Hayward Bridge 5-4-13

5 Die In Deadly Limousine Fire Bay Area San Mateo-Hayward Bridge 5-4-13 Reports surfaced that five woman died tonight as a result of a deadly limousine fire. While the cause of the fire is unknown, it was reported that the limousine spontaneously became engulfed in flames. Limousine fires are not that uncommon, in fact often times through negligent installation and operation, these limousines can catch fire.

Defective Limousine Could be a Cause of the Fire:

A product is considered defective when it fails to perform in the manner expected. Generally products are defective because of a negligent design or a failure to warn defect. In some cases it can be negligent assembly or construction. In this case, if the limousine was defective it can be because of a defective design or construction. However, there are insufficient facts to make this conclusion at this time. Defective design exists when the prototype or design of the product is flawed. Sometimes vehicles have defective fuel components, which can cause spontaneous eruption causing an explosion. In other cases the fuel lines can be defective causing fires. At this time it is unclear what the cause of the fire was. However, if it is determined that a defective condition caused the fire, it is possible to pursue a claim against the manufacturer. It is NOT important whether the manufacturer knew of the condition. Product liability or defect claims require only that the product be defective. Knowledge of the defect by the manufacturer is not relevant. Proving that a product was defective requires an expert evaluation.

Wrongful Death Claims Under California Law

What is a wrongful death claim? These are claims brought by surviving family members of the deceased. In California surviving family members, including husbands, wives, brothers, sisters and children are permitted to file a claim. This will essentially allow you to file a claim on behalf of the deceased party. Compensation will never take the place of a loved one, but it does hold the responsible party accountable for the injuries. Not all members of a family are permitted to file a wrongful death lawsuit. In order to know whether you are permitted to do so speak with a limousine explosion lawyer at Downtown L.A. Law Group for a free confidential compensation. Liability of Parties: Liability is another important issue. Who is liable? Generally the limousine company would be liable, along with the manufacturer of the actual limousine. It is not certain at this time whether or not the limousine was defective. However, it can be speculated that due to the cause of the fire, it is likely from a defective component. More on Limousine Accidents here.


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