What to do after a Dog Bite?

  • Safety should be your most important concern. You should quickly methodically walk away from the scene.  Many animal attack experts claim that running will cause the dog to come after you.  If you have been attacked by a dog don’t assume that the attack by the dog or another dog is over.  Dogs often return to continue their attacks on the individual.
  • Contact a health care professional immediately; even if you believe you have not been seriously wounded you should seek medical attention. Often as a result of the shock of the incident many do not feel the pain of the injuries they have suffered.  Injuries from dog bites often manifest themselves hours or even days after the dog attack.
  • If safe to do so attempt to retrieve information on the dog, and its owner. Where they live, address, telephone number.
  • If there is witnesses ask them for their information as well.  The testimony of witnesses can be beneficial compensation for you injuries.
  • Do not attempt to talk with the other party regarding fault or apologies.  Any words you may have said can be used against you when you are seeking compensation for your damages and injuries.  Even politeness can be used against you.
  • Contact the local police department and animal control & report and dog bite incident.  If you have a trusted personal injury animal attack lawyer contact him if you have any questions regarding the process
  • Be Careful Who You Talk To – if the other party’s insurance company contacts you, your best response is to get in touch with a Pitt Bull Lawyer for your injury and ask him to speak with the other party’s agents.
  • Never automatically accept the first estimate or offer you get – jumping the gun on the settlement can be a costly mistake.  Contact a California Dog Bite Lawyer who is skilled an adept in negotiating with insurance companies.  If home insurance companies play hardball a skilled aggressive Dog Bite Attorney will take the defendant to litigation and trial.
  • Get an aggressive and tenacious Attorney – A Dog Attack attorney adept in fighting home insurance companies and protecting your right to compensation will be able to substantially increase the amount of compensation you receive for your damages and injuries.
  • Heal your wounds and get better; fighting insurance companies and defendants is OUR JOB.  We will make you receive the maximum compensation for your loss.

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