Highway Accidents can be freighting experiences, leaving even the most experienced driver in shock Many of our clients always tell us that they wish they knew what to do after the accident in order to save time when it comes to filing their claim. We have decided to make a checklist for what to do after you have been involved in an accident.

Here are our tips:

  1. Stay calm; while this may be the most basic tip, it is the most valuable. Numerous studies show that when you remain calm, you can stay in control of the situation
  2. Take photos, we cannot stress how important and effective photographs can be for your claim. Photograph your vehicle, the place of the incident, the other vehicle or vehicle’s involved, and all other important information;
  3. Witness statements; this can be particularly important in determining and establishing liability if it is a question. A witness statement can also help further establish your case;
  4. Take notes; you should take notes of all weather conditions, and anything you can remember at the time of the accident. Was the light green, yellow or red, how fast you believe the other vehicle was going and time the accident took occurred;
  5. Statements made at the scene of the accident; this can be particularly important if there was something said at the time of the accident. If the driver of the vehicle causing the accident admits liability, then it can be admissible under certain exceptions;
  6. Keep records; we recommend that you keep records of everything. Our favorite clients are those that have detailed records. This makes everyone’s job easier and helps the process including settlements move smoothly. What documents should you keep? Anything that is related to the accident should be considered important and kept;
  7. Insurance information; insurance information is critical. Make sure you get the name of the driver, license number, make and model of the vehicle and all relevant insurance information. It is important that you get the name of the insurance provider for the other vehicle and ask who their claim representative is.
  8. Most importantly, seek medical attention if you are injured. Many clients fail to seek medical treatment immediately. If you have been injured, make sure you go to your physician to ensure that your injuries are not serious. Once you visit your physician, your attorney will be able to obtain their records and reports in order obtain a favorable settlement.

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