Serious Injury Attorney in Los Angeles, CaliforniaSerious injury attorneys at Downtown L.A. Law Group know that  auto accidents, slip and falls, battery, or any other negligent actions of another party can have long lasting effects on innocent victims.  Severe injuries resulting from accidents can include, traumatic brain damage, head injuries, hemorrhages, lacerations to the face and body, skull fractures, eye injuries including loss of eyesight, nerve damage, temporary impairment such as whiplash, and broken limbs.

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Catastrophic injuries resulting from roadway accidents, auto collisions, slip trip and fall accidents, and workplace accidents.

Head and Brain injuries: A Brain injury is one of the most devastating injuries which can take place. Permanent brain damage or Traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to auto accidents, slip and falls and construction accidents can be classified as a catastrophic injury in most cases. These injuries often have a lifelong permanent impact on the victims and lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering.  Other injuries from brain trauma can include mental impairment, loss of memory, cognitive disabilities, and chronic fatigue syndrome, temporary and permanent impairment of the brain functions, Skull fractures, nerve cranium displacement and Swelling of the brain.

  • Brain Damage in Children: Child Brain injuries can lead particularly severe and permanent damage including, loss of motor skills and brain function, cerebral palsy and ergs palsy.  To contact a Traumatic brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles to schedule a free consultation contacts us today.

Back Injuries Including Spinal Cord Injuries: Spinal cord injuries or (SCI) can take place in many parts of spine leading to catastrophic lifelong injuries to the victim.  Spinal Cord Trauma is regarded as a catastrophic accident injury.  Severe injury to the spinal column often require years of rehabilitation and or permanent loss of the use of limbs, such as fingers, arms, legs. Paraplegia and Quadriplegia often take place as a result of spinal cord injuries and other damage to the spine. Other issues which may surface are the inability to control bowl movements and loss of one’s ability to engage in sexual conduct. Even when injuries are less severe, victims might suffer from partial loss of motor functions, numbness of the hands fingers, or leg, sever pain and the temporary loss of mobility.  To contact a spine cord injury lawyer for assistance contact us today.

Amputations:  Thousands suffer each year due to loss of limbs in amputation injuries. The devastation and sadness that accompanies the loss of a body part; the cutting off of hands, fingers, arms, legs, and feet poses severe toll on a victim and his loved ones.  If you have suffered a dismemberment of a body part in an automobile accident, or loss of hands and arms in a workplace injury accident or construction site accident you may be able to receive compensation for

  • current and future medical expenses and care,
  • lost wages, loss of earning capacity,
  • mental anguish including pain and suffering, loss of consortium

Neck Injuries:  are one of the most prevalent auto accident injuries. Neck damage can affect both the soft tissues as well as the skeletal portions of the neck. Neck injuries from car accidents often lead to long lasting permanent pain and suffering leading to years of needed therapy and medical aid. Treatment for Neck injuries can run up to tens of thousands of dollars. Lifetime pain is a very real consequence of neck and spine injuries.  If you wish to file a lawsuit for neck injuries contact our Top Los Angeles Personal Injury Lawyers. We will fight for your compensation from the defendant drivers, and their insurance carriers.

  • Whiplash: Whiplash is one of the most common neck and upper back injuries due to a traffic accident. It is often not as serious as a neck trauma. However neck injuries are often misdiagnosed as a simple whiplash.  You may have been wrongly diagnosed with just a whiplash while in actuality you are suffering from more severe neck and upper back damage resulting from your accident.

Internal organ injuries:   Automobile collisions can lead to severe internal injuries including, heart injuries, collapsed lungs, damage esophagus ruptures and tears, damage to the reproductive organs, kidney failure, stomach lacerations and gastro intestinal damage. Victims of catastrophic injuries oftentimes aren’t aware that they don’t have to incur expenses brought on by these injuries.

Injuries to the Face including permanent scarring:  In a car accident injures to the face are very common. Shattering of glass, projectile form your car or the other car or the hitting of the face on the dashboard can lead to cuts and bruises and in some instances permanent scarring. Also, broken noses, broken teeth and face lacerations requiring stitched take month and even years to heal and may cost the victim thousands of dollars in medical bills and doctors visits as well as prescription medication cost reimbursement.

Broken Bones and Fractures and Joint Damage: These injures are some of the most common injuries of car accidents. In most instances broken bones and fractures from auto accidents are more serious than usual broken bones since the injury was cause by a high impact collision of multi-ton automobiles. Often these injuries lead to surgeries to remove bone fragments and in many cases insert artificial joints that been crushed. Knee’s as specifically susceptible to car accidents, often requiring knee replacement surgery.

Food Poisoning:   Contracting a food borne illness such as Salmonella, E-Coli, Botulism, or viral and fungal disease often cause many serious injuries leading to high medical costs and hospital visits.  If you or a loved one has suffered damage resulting from a food borne illness, you must first tend to your wounds.  Seeking vindication of your rights is our job.

Post Traumatic Stress and Mental health damage: Often victims involved in auto accidents tend to not mention to their doctors the mental health issues that they are facing as a result of great pain and suffering cause by another. Issues, such as depression, anxiety, Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome (PTSD), severe emotional distress, chronic fatigue syndrome, loss of memory, and severe mental stress are one that are experience by many who have been involved in such accidents. If you have been involved in an accident and are experiencing such emotional issue please advise your doctor or a personal injury law firm in Los Angeles as soon as possible.

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