Defective Car Parts an Product Liability Claim fro Car AccidentsMany times, a car accident in California is not the result of faulty driving, but rather the product of a variable completely outside the drivers control. Product Defect in Automobile Accidents is a frequently overlooked cause of crashes that can result in harmful or even deadly consequences. These accidents can be a result of:

1. Defectively manufactured vehicles or vehicle parts: This type of product defect occurs not in the design of the vehicle, but rather occurred somewhere within the manufacturing of the vehicle. This defect may have occurred during the manufacturing of the car, such as during assembly, or perhaps during shipping or inside the car dealership. Unlike other forms of product liability, manufacturing defects are usually not a function of the design of the vehicle, but rather a product of something that went wrong during or after production.

2. Unreasonably dangerous design: Unlike manufacturing defects, this sort of product defect lies within the design of the vehicle and is inherent in all cars of that specific model. Some examples of this type of Product defect include defective seat belts (such as faulty belt fabric, faulty latching, or inertial unlatching), defective air bags (this is most prominent in situations where young children are involved), defective braking mechanisms, inadequate padding, or an unsuitable frame.

3. Road Design: Sometimes, a car accident does not result from a negligent driver, or product defect, but rather flaws in road designs. Examples include faulty intersections, merging lanes, or defective traffic signals and signs. In such situations, the government may be liable for your accidents.

4. Faulty Road Conditions: We’ve all seen them. Potholes in the streets, debris and trees in the roadway, and unmaintained roadways. In certain situations, the government may be liable. Downtown LA Law knows it all when it comes to California Car Accident Laws.

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