Insurance Denial and Dispute Lawsuit Against Allstate

Insurance Denial and Dispute Lawsuit Against Allstate

Allstate is the largest publicly held insurance provider in the United States. In the state of California Allstate insurance ranks as one of the worst insurance carriers for consumers. Allstate has an extremely poor track record of wrongfully denying justified insurance claims ranging from home insurance denials of coverage, to flood insurance, auto insurance and life insurance. Below is some helpful information regarding the filing or a insurance bad faith claim against Allstate for denial of coverage in the state of California.

According the American Association for Justice annual report on The Ten Worst Insurance Companies in America, Over the past three decade Allstate Insurance has, “systematically placed profits over its own policyholders.” Some the egregious an unfair tactics which Allstate treats its policy holders include.

  • Failing to affirm or deny claims within a reasonable time. Leading policy holder out to dry for months or even years before a payout on their policy has been paid out.
  • Outright denial of claims without proper investigation
  • Delaying payment
  • Refusing to renew insurance policies
  • Use of intimidation tactics to delay or refuse payment
  • False allegations of responsibility
  • Use of ambiguous language in the policy to deceive policyholders.

How Can I Receive Punitive Damages for a Denial of Insurance Coverage Claim

The purpose of punitive damages acts as a deterrence, so that manufacturing companies, Insurance companies, or Individuals will refrain from perusing the same action in the future.

Punitive damages are not given to pay for the suffering of the injured plaintiff or recoup his losses. They are only given in Torts claim and are not given in contract claims.  As a result United States law has allowed for plaintiff in Insurance bad faith cases to seek a claim under a Torts action.  This means that a plaintiff can seek punitive damages against an insurance company that has acted in bad faith in excess of the actual damages sustained.

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My car was stolen in October 2014. I filed my claim for reimbursement under my comprehensive theft part of my full coverage.
Without any investigations, Allstate claims examiners stated that the car was repossessed. However, Federal and State laws required that I be in default and be fully given a hearing in a court. Navy Federal, 4 years earlier, were criminally prosecuted and sued in Federal Court in Maryland, then ordered to pay those 10,000 or more members $50 Million Dollars for Navy Federal’s fraudulent reporting and then stealing or criminally converting members cars, then selling them without any legal notices or hearings. My car was stolen according to the FBI and Secret Service, on the FTC’s and CFPB’s criminal investigations against Navy’s prior decades of criminal activities. At this time, nearly 7 months later, Navy Federal has still not disclosed where the car is? Who has it? and it has not called me back, replied to my civil suit; and, responded from its CEO, President, Dawson, on their criminal deprivations of my Constitutional Rights under Soldal, Mellane, and many other Supreme Court holdings requiring me to have a hearing before my personal property is stolen. I have been told by many other NAVY FEDERAL members that they have been in the same problem, only I, alone, can’t get a replacement car and Navy has continued to fraudulently tell my insurance company it was repossessed, contrary to the large mounds of contrary facts against it.

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