How long is the average transvaginal mesh settlement?

How long is the average transvaginal mesh settlement?

Transvaginal mesh cases are among the most litigated cases in the courts today. Simply because of the volume of woman who have had the procedure and were injured as a result. However, what many law firms fail to address is how long will the average mesh settlement take before it pays out? These are difficult questions to answer, but here is quick breakdown of how the process works. If you have any questions feel free to contact our offices for a free and confidential case evaluation.

What you need to know

Here is what you need to know first. No two cases are alike and each case can settle at a different time period and for a different amount. Do not be alarmed if you have a case pending, since these matters can take a sometime before they settle.

Generally any personal injury matter can take upwards of 6-8 months before any type of settlement is actually reached. However, cases such as Transvaginal Mesh can be much more difficult and complex. These types of cases require significant amounts of medical research and review of your file.

If you are involved in or considering filing a transvaginal mesh lawsuit consider your rights. These cases are not all handled in the same manner.

How long will my case take before it settles?

Determining the length of time it will take for your case to settle depends on a number of different factors. While there is no way to say with certainty how long your case takes before a settlement is reached, here are some factors to consider.

  1. When did you file your suit?
  2. Complexity of your case
  3. Manufacturer responsible for injuries
  4. Attorneys knowledge of the facts and case

Transvaginal Mesh SettlementWhen you filed your lawsuit can be important. Generally if your claim was filed before the wave of lawsuits now being filed, it is likely that you may be in a better position for an accelerated settlement. However, this is not always the case and can have absolutely no impact on your case.

How complex is your case? How many revision or takedown surgeries have you had? When did the surgeries take place? Was it within the statutory time period for filing a lawsuit? These are all factors to consider when dealing or considering  whether to file a transvaginal mesh lawsuit.

Which manufacture is responsible? There are dozens of different manufacturers responsible for producing vaginal mesh products. Each has a different method of handling a claim. Some will attempt to settle the claim immediately, while others will delay litigation. This is another important factor to consider when dealing with a transvaginal mesh claim.


I just filed a case in rhe last month , the attorney took my info snd sent me papers to sign and told me there was a 90 day waiting period.
I didnt understand that nor when talking to them did they mention a statue of limitations.
my first surgery was in 2006 and my revision was done in 2012 and I stll have problems.
are they gonna tell me I was too late?
Because at this time no one has told me anything…


no its not to late however I put in my lawsuit 3 years ago and I am still waiting my lawyer cant even tell me when I might get a settle ment he did say it could take a few more years. you def wont see any money anytime soon sorry.


I filed over 4 years ago…the case has been in front of the judge for 2 years now and I know nothing. I feel as if this is all in vain and I will be suffering forever. I am in need of yet another surgery…this makes number 4 and I just don’t have the money to do it.


I have filed in 09..they moved it another state..they did not file it until 12…why, I do not know..I have 2 surgeries going in for another surgery in march..and then another soon after…tired of UTI s
They say they reached a settlement for a little of manufactories. .but it could take 2 more years to get it…these companies have put us through hell and back so many times…when will they take responsibility for our injuries and all of our loses…and these attorneys taking such a big % when all they did was file and wait. .they worked harder on the other cases…I really believe they took us also…30% would be a better for what we gave been through. .but I guess it is what it is in this world today…have to keep there status and there million dollar homes


i filed my case going on 5 years, all I have been told is that Johnson and Johnson have decided to settle outside of court but that was a year ago…. I do have a lawyer but my family is suffering due to the fact that I can’t work, im always in pain.. I have to see a doc twice a month I had a reconstruction surgery but it didn’t help.. If anything it maid it worst.. and Im only 31 years.. I had it put in in 2006 how long will it take for me to get my settlement…
keri johnson

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