Can a Hotel Be Sued for Bed Bugs in Room - Lawsuit InformationBed bug infestations are a growing dilemma facing hot guests. Hotel operators and owners owe a duty to guests to prevent and take steps to remediate hotel rooms infested with bed-bugs. Often times guests are unaware of the issue and wake up the following day to find bites over their body. To make matters worse hotel owners and operators will deny that the bites are bedbugs. Guests are left with painful bites, scaring and deep emotional and psychological issues. If you have been bit by bed bugs while on vacation in your hotel room know your rights and take action.

Step 1: Document Everything

Document every step of the incident. The more information you have the better your case is. Here is a list of what you should document:

  • Managers name
  • Name of any housekeeper or staff who cleaned your room
  • Whether any past instances of bed bugs existed
  • Whether former guests in the hotel complained of bed bugs
  • When the room was last cleaned
  • Name of cleaning staff who cleaned the room
  • Photos of bites, this is very important. Keep photos of all bites
  • If you visit a doctor keep records of your visit, including receipts of creams purchased, name of your doctor and time of visit
  • If exterminator was contacted by the hotel make sure you write down the name of the company conducting the extermination

Step 2: Contact County Health Department

Having an official record of the incident is important and helps add credibility to your case. Contact the county health department in your area and report the issue. Often times they will immediately send out staff to inspect and notate the issue. Make sure you get the name of the county official or employee who is dispatched to take the report. Ask for a copy of the report or whether one can be mailed to you.

Step 3: Do NOT Speak With Hotel Manager or Insurance

Hotel owners will attempt to avert liability from their establishment. Many will blame the guest for the bed bugs and deny any liability. Others will attempt to make a quick clean up before county health officials arrive to notate the instance. It is important to make sure the county health department has a record before a clean up is conducted. This will help in proving your case and becomes a very important document in obtaining a settlement. If you are note moving out of the hotel you should request a room change to avoid continued harm.

Step 4: Get Medical Attention

Hotel Owner Liability for Bed Bugs in Hotel RoomIt is important that you seek medical attention for your injuries. You may have an allergic reaction to the bites. More serious cases can require plastic surgery to reduce scarring or keloid scarring. It is important that you get proper medical attention to help with any pain or itching you may be suffering.

Bedbug injuries can have long lasting psychological and physical scarring. Clients often feel trauma from being bitten by bedbugs. Many are unable to sleep for months at a time and are constantly afraid of being bitten. To make matters worse many merely brush off their injuries.

Step 5: Seek Legal Advice

An attorney with experience in beg bug lawsuits against hotel rooms will be able to provided you with legal advice required in order to maximize any potential settlement for your injuries. Our bed bug lawyers provide all victims of bed bug bites with a free no cost and completely confidential settlement. Feel free to contact our law firm toll free at (855)385-2529.

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