Epidural Injection Malpractice Lawsuit – Attorney for Medical Errors

Epidural Injection Malpractice Lawsuit – Attorney for Medical Errors

Epidural steroid injections as well as spine and transformational injections help relieve severe pain for hundreds of thousands of individuals in the United States. However when administered incorrectly such injections can result in significant medical complications including infection, creation of cysts and abscess in the spinal column and permanent nerve damage. Victims of severe medical complications due to the negligence error of the administrating physician are entitled to monetary compensation via the filing of a medical malpractice lawsuit.

Common Injuries Resulting from the Negligent Administration of Injections: Some of the most common medical health effects caused y the epidural injection malpractice are as follows

  • Paralysis – hematoma induced nerve damage
  • Numbness of the limbs arms and or legs
  • Damage to the nerves resulting in burning sensation
  • Infections including meningitis
  • Formation of cysts on the spinal column
  • Formation of abscesses on the spinal column
  • Cardiac arrest
  • Stroke and Hemorrhaging of the brain
  • Toxic reaction – allergic reactions to specific steroid used
  • Respiratory issues after the injection of the epidural

What Is Medical Malpractice – Medical Negligence Laws

Medical malpractice occurs when a physician (practicing medical doctor) or medical facility fail to provide a patient with the appropriate level of care as defined by the standard of care provided by other doctors, and medical facilities in that profession.  For example if your medical doctor fails to perform a test which doctors within his field ought to test for then medical malpractice can be established. Examples of medical malpractice by pain management doctors during the injection process of the epidural include

  • Failure to choose the correct needle
  • Failure to properly prepare the patient before the procedure
  • Failure to place the injection in the correct region of the body
  • Needle inserted too far – resulting in the puncturing of the spinal cord fluid sac

Compensation for Your Claim:

Victims of medical malpractice including individual who have suffered serious health effects due to the wrongful epidural injections are entitled to compensation for all harms associated with the negligence act including

  • Current and future health care costs
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost time and loss of future income due to disability

Legal Consultation: All legal consultations are provided free of charge by our medical malpractice attorneys. To schedule a free legal consultation call toll free (855) 385-2529.


My brother passed away from a severe case of Arachnoditis . The Doctor gave him 8 epidural shots all at once in less than a hour . Can you help us ?


I had epidural 12 years ago. It took 3 epidurals and a spinal block to have my son. For the past 12 years, I have had nothing but pain in my legs and lower back. Please help me. Ty


I had quite a few epidural shots and one of them went in deep and hit my spinal sac and he told me that he drew blood, that there was a problem. I never felt pain like that, my husband and mother heard me scream from down the hall . He said to rest for awhile and it would be ok the worst part of the side effect is I would have a headache , that’s what us told me for a few months. Well I went home barely walking worst than when I went in and now my life is destroyed from getting AA . Too many illnesses to list. I was a healthy hairdresser worked 10 – 12 a day now lucky if I can stay up a few hrs without going to bed.


My dad had a stroke in the doctor’s office immediately after an epidural cortisone shot. He had the same shot two weeks prior. Based on standard treatment protocol, he should have never been given a shot within two weeks. His stroke was in January 2014, BEFORE the FDA issued a warning about possible stroke. Is there any hope for a case??


I had got one epidural shit in 2013 with my first child and eve since it feels like I have short of breathes, my upper and lower back have tremendous sharp pains, my legs hurt and I can’t stand for long periods of time due to pain in my back, if any help please contact me


my sister has had a very severe reaction to these injections. She had told the doctor she was allergic to steroids but he gave her one in the neck anyway. She is on medicare. She can hardly move her neck now and the pain is worse than before.


I recently received 3 epidurals before giving birth to my daughter. First one was done wrong. Second one was numbing my upper body and was having dificulties breathing. I was not conscious at this point. Epidural removed and done for the third time.


Just had 2 sets of shots done in my back. Was told after the fact they have never given this shot on both sides at same time and usually they wait 6 months in between injections. Pain was so bad by 3rd shot I asked doctor to stop several times the pain was horrible and I threw up in my mouth. He talked me into the last one and that’s when my left leg jumped off table and was moving all by itself. Same time two or three of my fingers on left hand were moving all by themselves. Doctor said that’s normal. I’ve never felt pain like this. Feels like my bones were flattening out and filling with a liquid. I felt this all the way to knees. Then hour and a half after I was home left arm started feeling strange. And it got the sat on my foot to long feeling. Half asleep and it’s been 27 days now arm still is falling asleep and it feels heavy as if it’s in my own way.


I had gotten an epidural shot back in 06 when I was pregnant with my last son and I heard my spine pop three different times before she gave me the shot. The next day I couldn’t lift up my left leg without help for about a good three months. Had gone to a chiropractor several times to ease the pain and she told me that I had a slipped disc. Can I still sue the hospital after 11 years has passed?

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