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A Driving Under the Influence (DUI) arrest is a serious matter. A DUI arrest which leads to a conviction for DUI can have serious repercussions on your personal and work life. It can mean jail time, loss of your occupation or inability to find work, loss of your driver’s license, and a loss of respect amongst your family and friends. Don’t let your arrest turn into a DUI conviction. Expert DUI lawyers at Downtown LA LAW Group are here to help.

DUI attorneys at Downtown LA LAW have extensive experience, and knowledge in fighting a DUI offence. What’s more we provide you with a comprehensive team of DUI law attorneys which will stop at nothing to protect the rights of those who have been wrongly accuses of drunk driving, or driving while intoxicated. Our teams of professional lawyers at Downtown LA Law Group are here to help and will supply you with a Free No Cost Consultation of your DUI arrest. For a Free Consultation Call (855) DT-LA-LAW.

Time is of the essence don’t wait

When arrested for driving while intoxicated it is advised to contact a DUI Law firm immediately. Why? Contacting an Attorney with knowledge of DUI Laws is important for several reasons. First, there are important deadlines that need to be met. Second there are certain technicalities and procedures that can be used by an expert DUI defense lawyer to discharge your DUI arrest or DUI conviction. Also, DUI defense lawyers are able to negotiate with prosecutors from a position of strength, which can lead to lower sentences or even the elimination of the charge all together.

Don’t hesitate, we offer Free confidential consultation regarding your DUI arrest with aggressive and knowledgeable staff of DUI lawyers which will fight to protect your rights.

Why hire Dui Attorney to represent you?

In this day and age personalized and committed service is hard to come by. Here at Downtown LA Law our lawyers strive to provide you with the outmost personal, knowledgeable, and tenacious DUI defense in Southern California. According to our founding partner Daniel Aziz Esq. “Its what you should expect and it’s what we strive to prove to each and every one of our DUI clients.”

We pride ourselves in continuing the tradition of excellence set by our founding partners. If you have been arrested for a DUI don’t wait and don’t hesitate to call. Before you make any decision or take any action that may affect the rest of your life, talk to a specialist DUI lawyers at Downtown LA Law, (855) DT-LA-LAW

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