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Downtown L.A. Law Personal Injury Attorneys handle all types of dog bite attacks and injuries.Dog Bite Lawyers: What you need to know if you have been attacked, bitten, or mauled by a dog.

Downtown LA Law Group is dedicated to protecting the rights of clients who have been attacked and suffer injuries resulting from Dog Bites in Los Angeles.  Our Skilled LA Dog Bite Attorneys have the knowledge and experience to defend you against animal attacks and dog mauling in the court of law.  You are not alone we are here to help. We make sure our clients’ claims receive the highest level of compensation possible for the injuries they incur.  | Mauled and Animal Attack Injury Lawyers

Animal attacks particularly Dog Attack against children have witnessed an increase in publicity over the past decade.  However, dog attacks remain a danger to many in Southern California.  Los Angeles has witnessed a rise in the ownership of particularly harmful dog breeds which are prone to bite humans and cause severe dig bite injuries to those attacked.

Dog Breeds and Danger Posed to You or your Children:

Believe it or not, statistics report that there are over 1,000 dog bite injuries every day. It’s not common for every dog to have a vicious side; there are certain breeds that are more prone to inflict dog bites on victims. Common breeds to exhibit this type of behavior are Rottweiler’s, Pit Bulls [often referred to APT American Pit-bull Terrier], Presa Canarios, and breeds that have these partial mixes. Here is a list of some of the most prevelant dog breeds which have been involved in dog attacks and dog bite on humans.

Dangerous Dogs

  • Pit Bull
  • German Shepard
  • Rottweiler
  • Chow
  • Doberman Pinschers
  • Huskies
  • Alaskan Malamutes
  • Presa Canario
  • Boxer

Dog Bites and Your Child:

Unfortunately, approximately 70% of dog bite victims are children and about 80% involve bodily harm and some end in fatalities.  One should be very careful and vigilant in the safety of their loved ones if a neighbor owns any of these breeds or your home is frequented by a person who brings any of these dogs to your place.  Children are easily susceptible to dog bites because of their size.  Many dogs view children as simple prey and their predatory instincts push these dogs towards attacking.  The most important advice we can give you at Downtown LA Law Group is not a legal advice but a safety advice ; we always clients to protect their kids as much as possible from dogs that have a tendancy to bite humans.

Where do Dog Bites happen: Most dog bite attacks take place either in or around the home.  A recent study suggested that around 60% of dog mauling take place in one home and in the neighborhood where one lives.  It is difficult to claim legal damages and hire a lawyer against a neighbor, or a friend whose dog attacked and injured you or you loved ones.  It is vital that you understand that the vast majority of these cases are settled with the dog owners insurance policies; most of the time a dog owner does not pay out of pocket for injuries caused by his dog.

Liability for a  Dog Bite: 

Establishing Liability in dog bite cases and dog mauling law suites in the state of California is usually an unproblematic Endeavour.  However, one needs to be abreast of dog bite laws on California and legal procedure in a California courts in order to be able to maximize compensation from Insurance companies. Doe owners are usually responsible fo the actions of their dogs. The home insurance policy of the dog owner will usually foot the bill. However in many instances home insurance companies have been unwilling to justly compensate victims.  That is why a tenacious and skilled Dog bite injury lawyer is needed to maximize your settlement.

If you have been a victim to dog bites, and the owner had lost control of their pet, you are entitled to compensation for such a horrible experience. You may have medical bills, wages lost due to doctor’s appointments, and emotional trauma that may affect you for the rest of your life. This experience is not your fault, and while it’s not fair that you have to experience it, there are ways to help ease your suffering.

Dog Bite Attorneys in Los Angeles California Can help

The attorneys at Downtown LA Law are professional and experienced Dog Bite Attorneys that have a lengthy history in dealing with cases involving dog bites or a dog mauling.  It is our priority to make sure you get compensated for the tragedy you have had to experience. We’ll take all the steps necessary ensure you are educated on all of your options available.  And we will work diligently so that we can maximize your settlement for the injuries pain and suffering you had to endure.

Remember you WILL NOT Be Charged a penny UNTIL  you have received compensation for your Dog Bite Injuries.

Get your case started today by calling our office (855) DT-LA-LAW to begin your free consultation. Our Animal Attack Lawyers are here to help.  You’ll never know what your options are until you discuss them with skilled professional attorneys at our Dog Bite Law Firm.


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