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For the majority of parents, the day a child is born is the most anticipated, exciting, and memorable day. There’s nine months of waiting and dreaming about your unborn child, all the preparation to welcome the bundle of joy, and all the family members waiting on pins and needles those last few days before delivery. It’s is a very exciting time for parents and family. Not too many people actually prepare for the downside, the complications, or worse – the possible birth injuries. It is estimated that 7 out of 1,000 births every year come delivered with birth injuries (to mother or baby) due to carelessness on the part of the medical staff. This results to 3 birth injuries per hour! People who are supposed to be medically trained to take care of the mother and baby failed, one way or another, permanently affecting the family.

When dealing with injuries for a new born, these injuries will be more obvious. Sometimes permanent damage is done to a baby, due to medical malpractice. Parents are left severely saddened, and children are left with life changing issues with their body. This could be anywhere from brain damage to paralysis.

Birth injuries to the mother are not always known right away. Some of the symptoms indicating an injury are excessive blood loss, shock, placenta retention, tears in the perineum, new heart rate fluctuations, or Sepsis (microorganisms in the blood). If you or a woman you know has recently given birth and is experiencing any of these symptoms, the first thing to do is seek medical attention. Visiting the doctor who delivered the baby could be an option; however, it would be recommended to have a second opinion from unbiased medical personnel to help determine if the symptoms are a result from birth injuries.

Birthing Injury Diagnosis and Lawsuits: After a doctor has evaluated the symptoms and determined if, in fact, the injuries may have occurred from improper medical handling, you should consider seeking legal advice. Our attorneys at Downtown LA Law have represented many cases where birth injuries have occurred. In any case, where the mother is experiencing causes from birth injuries or if the newborn is the one affected, our attorneys handle both cases with the utmost professionalism, discretion, and vigor. You need someone with your (and the babies) interests in mind. Medical malpractice is not to be tolerated, and if you have such a case, it needs to be brought to justice. Insurance settlements are not for your pain and suffering, they are an attempt to quite your case.

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