Average Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement – Case Value Gynecomastia Claim

Average Risperdal Lawsuit Settlement – Case Value Gynecomastia Claim

Our law firm is investigating claims against Johnson & Johnson for the manufacturing and sale of the anti-psychotic medication Risperdal. According to FDA warnings and several studies conducted by scientific research institutions the use or Risperdal (Risperdone) may result in gynecomastia in males.

A frequently asked and important question asked by clients who contact our law firm regarding the filing of a lawsuit against manufacturers of Risperdal is, “what is the value of my case”, or “how much is my case worth.”

The value of a drug side effect case is dependent on several interrelated factors including the severity of the injury suffered, and the level of emotional trauma sustained because of the development of dangerous medical complications due to the use of the medication. Visit this page for more infomration on Risperdal class action lawsuits.

Legal Help: Every case is different encompassing a unique set of factors which determine the overall value of your case. The best way to determine the estimated value of a case is by way of a legal consultation with an experienced risperdal attorney. Our law firm is proud to provide all potential clients with a free case evaluations where the estimated value of your case can be assessed. To reach out to us feel free to contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529. Note: All consultations are free of charge and confidential.

Factors in Determining the Value of a Risperdal Lawsuit:

1. The severity and magnitude of the harm suffered:  Individuals who have suffered breast tissue growth may have to sustain tens of thousands of dollars in medical expenses including reconstructive surgeries, doctor consultations, new medications and rehabilitation care. Such victims are entitled to compensation for all medical and health related expenses arising out of the use of the defective medication.

2. Level of pain and suffering associated with the harm: Emotional harm is a main component in determining the estimated value of any personal injury lawsuit. Individuals have a right to receive compensation for the physical harm and psychological suffering resulting from the negligent or intentional acts of other.

3. Whether you join a class action lawsuit or decide to file a single party claim: Class action claims bring together individual victims who have a common issue of fact or law against one liable party. Settlements in class action lawsuit are awarded on a proportional basis and not based on the severity or magnitude of the harm suffered. For example if there are 100 member in a class action lawsuit and the settlement for the class is $100 million dollars each plaintiff will receive the same amount of money despite the fact that some individuals may have injuries more severe than the rest of the class. It may be more beneficial for individuals who have relatively severe injuries to opt out of a class action lawsuit and instead file a single party claim.

4. Availability of punitive damages: Punitive damages are awarded when a negligent party acts with wanton or reckless disregard for the life and health of consumers. In many instance pharmaceutical giants fail to properly warn users of their medications of the dangerous side effects which may result from their use.

Legal Consultation: To speak with one of our injury attorneys regarding your claim contact our law offices toll free (855)385-2529.

Further Information:

Statute of Limitations – Risperdal Lawsuit


I take risperdal and have severe weight gain.


I just wanted to say thank you for helping in my case against Risperdal for Breast Growth. Your team was so kind to me over the phone. Talk to you guys soon.

    You are welcome. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to represent you.


I just got in contact with a attorney concerning this my son has been taking this medicine since he was 4 I hope that this matter really gets resolved because its not right were kids have shame to them selves because there either over weight or boys or guys have grown large breast…….


I had Stevens Johnson syndrom in 2012 was very ill for sometime. December 2013 I had a recurrance still quite I’ll My question is what your ideal is that I should do. My daughter is contacting you in my behalf. This time the deade is much worse and the doctors say this is more advance and is now tens.


I have been taking risperdal since 1996, I have gynecomastia with breast tissue growth, I am, a fifty six years old black male, I would like to sue, can you help me? please!


I was on 4mg of Risperidone for about a year then a new doctor reviewed my case because it made like a zombie and I was starting to shake in my hands a bit and couldnt hold my legs still to even sleep…. He tapered me down to a much lower dose over time till another new doctor said I really didnt need the stuff at all and shouldnt be on it and stopped it all together. Then yet another doctor contradicted him said it may be helpful and put me back on it at a even lower dosage but I was still on it. They also have me on Paraxitine (Paxil) which is know to amplify the effects of Risperidone when all was said and done i remained on this drug for around 3-4 years (just stopped taking it as I decided to do some digging). Well at age 31-32 I had for the first time in my life not one but 2 broken bones, first all I did was help move a largish table and it literally fractured my spine. The docs all said I was junky looking for pills for about a year so it also compressed causing even more damage. It then was pinching sciatic nerves and compressing my spinal cord so half able to walk my leg gave out I fell to the right and fractured my ankle, no more walking at all emergency room trip ect…. My neuro surgeon told me he only sees the problem I have in people between like 75-90 with advanced osteoporosis or with like bone cancer of some sort. The only explanation is this drug they had me on for symptoms never even intended for said drug…. I have been in sooo many far far far worse accidents and never broke anything. Ive fallen 2 stories off a roof into a drive way, drove a 4 wheeler over a 100-150 foot cliff, been thrown off my bike as a kid doing like 40-50 down this hill so hard people heard me hit the street from like 50 yards away while inside a closed house (woke up briefly in a ambulance then in OR on that one) but never broke anything…. And now I crush my spine moving a table? After being a roofer and general laborer off and on for some years… Yeah I dont think so, could it be this stuff that has been reported recently http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21854880 to cause bone loss and reduced bone density? Yeah im going with that one…. I had to have my L5 vertebrae completely removed in order to walk again and have most of the pain reduced… L5 (possibly the strongest bone in the body next to teeth) anterior/posterior Corpectomy with fusion at S1-L4, $156,000 operation with $1200 per visit every 2-3 months to neuro surgeons must take pain pills daily to keep pain down at least till the nerves flare up and then nothing really touches that…. So im looking to sue for all sorts of damages and mental and physical anguish and fraud and anything I can get out of these doctors institutions and pharm corps!!!!


I would like to sue I been taking the Ned since 8 and have female like breast in which I always kept my shirt on or felt incomfor because of I also gain a lot of weight fast and got high blood Peasure looking to sue asap and it it over with


When I was 15 I was perscribed risperdal at the kahi mohala phyciatric hospital in Honolulu Hawaii along with depakote and Effexor. I took it for alittle over a year I started noticing lumps under my nipples an when ever I was in the sun they would puff up. It made me very insecure and did not want took take my shirt off.an for a young man who lives in Hawaii and is a surfer I spent a lot of time with my shirt off.i also had started to gain a lot of weight . I always felt insecure around my friends it really mest with my self esteem.as the years went by I learned to live with it.but my breast kept getting bigger it was very obvious that my chest is not like the others guys I have learned to live with it but it definitely effected my quality of life. I wonder if I have a case????


I’m from Florida I was prescribed respirdal when I was 16 by shands hospital in Gainesville I have suffered from mental health problems gynecomastia and I was throwing up every morning for a year went to stomach doctors did everything to stop it I gained 60 pounds in 3 months and when I got off the medicine lost it in three months what should I do how much will I get please help me should I do class action or try them 1 on 1


I have been taking risperdal for 6years and I have gotten fat. Gotten breast and my body is always aching especially my back and I always have muscles in my arm that constantly be jumping.


Had recieved risperdal 4mg clonidine paxil depakote and thioethixene all over the normal usage and was started at 9 continued until 13 hadstroke heart palipliations and photosensitivity to sun i couldnt even be a normal teen and had to adapt to constant sweating and thirst from this as well as abnormal body tempature and body odor that was more then average as well as of course the Male breast tissue significantly appeared as no way hide mask the obvious “Gynacomastia” it wasnt easy childhood at being witness to my mother murder which was a fixed system that not only took away no real justice for my mother but also took away my innocent father is not enough to say this which* is a system of games and lies tgere is no real truth but more fabricated decay to innocence that the only truth is corrupted from words of all media all justice all parts of the system its nothing but way of world but it dies.

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