Farid Yaghoubtil

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Toll Free Phone: 855-385-2529

Personal Injury Attorney - Downtown LA Law GroupFarid Yaghoubtil is a partner of our law firm. He is a  tireless and aggressive advocate for his clients, with experience in personal injury litigation and negotiations. Mr. Yaghoubtil’s career as an attorney actually started at a young age representing his family in various business disputes. Since then he has maintained and developed a passion and understanding for the law.

As an immigrant to this country Mr. Yaghoubtil understands that the law may be a difficult, confusing and intimidating issue. He knows many people are continually robbed of the best representation because they are afraid to speak with an attorney.

Mr. Yaghoubtil understands the needs of his clients and will work hard to ensure they are given just compensation for their injuries. Everyday insurance companies, corporations and those in power take advantage of the every-day employee or business. Our personal firm is here to defend you, to represent you and to fight for your rights. Regardless of the size of the case or the parties involved Mr. Yaghoubtil has dedicated his career to defending his clients’ rights.

His mission as a personal injury attorney is to help you, to listen to your needs and most importantly to be there as a pillar of justice to ensure you are given appropriate representation. Mr. Yaghoubtil is deeply moved by the stories of his clients and looks forward to helping them.


  • B.A., University of California, Los Angeles (Cum Laude)
  • J.D., ALU

Major Practice Areas INCLUDE:


car accidents & other automotive vehicle Accidents


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